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which is the best? Exporting a Microblaze project in concurrent vhdl code or?

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Feb 24, 2014
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I have a project which is composed in Microblaze in c++ language in sequential and other sections are in vhdl code.
because of low speed I should reshape it in better way.
one opinion is to transform the MBLAZE section into VHDL code. but the problem is:
-trouble of transforming the sequential code to parallel
-I doubt the new design become better in speed and performance
-debugging become hard and long-term in new design
the other opinion is to export the whole project into zynq series. and MBLAZE code would put in arm processor embeded in zynq.

which is the best in your opinion?


I just want to clarify that a Microblaze is already a hardware (gate logic). It executes instructions contained in a block ram. What you want to do is to extract processing done in C++ and transfer it to hardware. Depending on the processing you are doing it might be more or less complex.

Transfering your design to a Zynq device will improve the speed of the processing but not that much.

No idea, you haven't given enough details that would let us decide.

The general idea is to look at you problem and find the parts that limit performance. Ideally, these could be moved to hardware, or to hardware accelerators. In some cases they can't. For example, if you are limited by external memory bandwidth, having faster sequential or parallel processing is of little use as you spend all your time waiting for data. Likewise, you might benefit from algorithmic improvements that you've not implemented in software.

Microblaze codes include many comparison and computational words such as multiplication,summation,... which are performed in many times in loop.
what is the MIPS of the microblaze?

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my microblaze operate at 100MHz clock while the clock of ARMs embedded in ZYNQs is above 800MHz. and how about MIPS of these ARMs?

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