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Which is best suited Microcontroller

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Dec 31, 2009
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Hi all,

Iam in a thought of designing one product which will contain a GLCD, a Keypad, a SD/MMC card.....

which is best suited microcontroller to use all this...?

please let me know....

they are many mcu suited for this application, like atmega128 for example.

you must give more details ( kB of flash etc)

Insufficient data..

You should consider what are the other things you want to interface like

gsm modem, gps, i2c eeproms.

What would be your code size?

What is the working voltage and power it can consume ?

thnaks for your replies friends..
my product will use SPI, power will be 4-5V...

my product will use SPI, power will be 4-5V

this is too vague, all mcus support SPI and most operate on voltages you posted...

you need to be more specific, post more details of your 'product', estimated costs involved.

Have you developed the code for your 'product' ?? If yes then what language/development system have you used ?? What is size of the compiled code ??

Dear arbj,

I used PIC18F4620 earlier to develop a product which is used to read data from SD/MMC and displaying on GLCD and also
stores a txt file which we typed on GLCD ....

I was strucked interfacing with SD/MMC with PIC18F4620...

I thought of changing my mcu...

I use 18F4620 for interfacing with an microSD card, and I don't have any problems with it.

The problem is not with the mcu but rather with the hardware or software you are using. Most problems with sd cards usually occur due to improper signal level conversion/handling.

the Microchip explorer 16 development kit (for PIC24, dsPIC and PIC32 MCUs)
**broken link removed**

has a SD card daughter board - have a look at the "PICtail™ Daughter Board for SD™ and MMC Cards" for a circuit
**broken link removed**

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