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which is best opto coupler

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The best one s the one most suited to your application. There are hundreds if not thousands of types on the market, each is optimized for a particular job. You will have to explain what your application is and show a schematic to get a better answer. In general, most take around 1.5V DC at around 10mA but they are all slightly different.


Instead of looking for a "best" optocoupler, look to select one that you can use for your purpose. And you have loads of choices.

As long as your current is limited to the LED using a resistor, you can apply high voltage to the optocoupler LED as the remaining voltage (besides the optocoupler forward voltage) is dropped across the resistor. So, you should select the resistor accordingly.

You should also select an optocoupler, considering CTR, rise/fall times and transistor ratings, among other factors/parameters.

Hope this helps.

The one you can get for free I suppose. There are two ways. First way, find an old junk answering machine. Google for image of optocoupler and datasheet from it part number and find it on pcb and desolder it and you have it then for free. Another way is to contact seller/manufacturer. Sometimes they will ship you a free sample. Make sure you ask for one you can play with (its not small enough etc).

which is best opto-coupler and how much supply voltage can be given to it......

Answer on your first part of question dont exist, this depends from situation to situation and needs. There is many products with various specifications. For answer on your second part of question you can see manufacturer datasheet, there you can find precise data about input and output voltage/currents and other datas.

Selection of optocoupler depends on for which purpose you are using it

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