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Which GSM module should I use for GSM payphone ???

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Sep 16, 2003
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Which GSM module ???

hi all ,

i searched web and found many GSM modules , almost all of them are same , i am going to choose one for using in **broken link removed** whish module do you recommand to use and why ?

Thanks ,
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Re: Which GSM module ???

I used two different one Wavecom and one Telit and they are good for price and performance.


Which GSM module ???

I have used Wavecom, very reliable. It works in real hard conditions -20..+65C without porblems.
Has built in TCPIP stack for internet application, 200K Flash and 64K ram for user
application and data, inside, and can process user programm and data without external controller,
6bit IO port for user with maximum allowed scan speed about 30ms and two comports.

Re: Which GSM module ???

Thanks for your help ,

can you please send a link for Modules which you used + their prices ,

and how are seimens modules ?

thanks ,

Which GSM module ???

Check for Telit modules. I've just freezed one last days to -25 and works fine, with TCP/IP, optional camera, GPRS.


Re: Which GSM module ???

link to wavecom :
**broken link removed**
we have used siemens at first, but after go to wavecom.

Imho, siemens more simple and rigid, wavecom smarter and flexible.
And for power surge conditions wavecom never hands up, in contrast to siemens.

Re: Which GSM module ???

I have use all the modules available in the world. I am using GSM & CDMA modules from back 3 years. I specially work on GSM & CDMA modules.

If any quaries please ask me.

Re: Which GSM module ???

Dear mitesh ,
( I have use all the modules available in the world. I am using GSM & CDMA modules from back 3 years. I specially work on GSM & CDMA modules. )

which is better for my project ,
my project is GSM Payphone which would be located at remote areas like roads and ... , it's power is supplied by sollar cell , so the module should be powerfull enough and reliable at different air conditions & .... ,

and also it's price is also important .

Thanks & Best regards ,

Re: Which GSM module ???

Dear hm_fa_da,

All modules are well designed before they are made commercial for market. But for payphones its the enclouser that you should develop.

Which GSM module ???

We have used wavecom in devices, that working far from city, in the field, inside metal boxes, all seasons, as unnattended data aquisition module.
After two year uninterrupted exploitation from
20 devices, all modem continue work, without
malfunctions. Device measures temperature on
main chip, and it was from -33 to +65.
Metal boxes, where placed devices not hermetical, and case of device has rubber gasket, with gaps,
we saw tracks of water leakage and unfrozen
on case of modems and pcb of devices , but
modem remain good work. What else need for reliable device?

Re: Which GSM module ???

I think module GM862/GPRS from Telit is best. Price is 85Euro.

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