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Which English book on analog electronics do you recommend?

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Nov 26, 2012
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Hi! Which complete English book do you recommend for analog electronics?
Thank you!

Beginners Level
--Art Of Electronics
-- Microelectronics circuit analysis and design By Donald Neamen
--Fundamentals of Microelectronics by Behzad Razavi

Mid. Level
--Microelectronics by Sedra and Smith
--Design of analog integrated circuits By Behzad Razavi
-- Analog Integrated circuit design by Ken Martin

Advanced Level
--CMOS analog circuit design by R.Holberg
--Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated circuits by R.Gray and Meyer

by order ....
Can I choose one of three for level or are the books complementary? Must I read all?

no they are not complementary you can choose any book actually i suggested these levels and sections but really this book (--Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated circuits by R.Gray and Meyer) the most advanced and hardest one but really useful you can start with the book that you think it will be suitable with you

You are very courteous! Thank you! :-D

thanks for your kind words are welcome

I add the following books to the above list:

1) Analog Fundamentals: A Systems Approach by Thomas L. Floyd and David Buchla.

2) Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory by Robert L. Boylestad and Louis Nashelsky.

Mind you but the CMOS and the Analysis and Design of Analog ICs are for IC design.

Just want to point out that the advanced books he recommended to you pertain more to ic design. as well as analog integrated circuit design. if you are going into another field besides ic design you might read that field's more advanced books
For beginner to intermediary I like the book "Electronics Principles" by Malvino which is published by Mcgraw Hill
ISBN 0-07-039957-3
This book takes you from the very simple to some advanced analogue electronics in a very reasonable and piratical way. Ideally suited to a test engineer.

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