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Which DSP evaluation board is good?

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Feb 21, 2002
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dsp evaluation board cheap


I would like to learn more about DPS. I would like to purchase an evaluation kit that allows me to do some practical experiments for learning in a more practical way.

Could anyone suggest my any to buy (not very expensive of course).
Motorola? TI? Analog?.

Thanks a lot,


fft en vissim

TI's evaluation board is cheaper and easy to find.

dsp evaluation board

Texas Instruments sells it's DSP Starter Kit for TMS320C6711 , just for 400$. Take care what you really need. If you want to learn more about DSPs , DSP Starter Kits are better. If you want to do a complete project with a DSP and you don't want to build it's board yourself, then Evaluation module can be a good choice.

Really this is a good question. Which one? FPGA or DSP? Obviously some times, using a FPGA for doing Digital Signal Processing tasks ( Such as FFT computation ) may not be a good choice. First of all the design period for such a FFT computation module can be too long , or you have to buy the core from some companies. And then It may fill most of your FPGA resources so that there will not be additional room for your other circuits.

Again, There are some Digital Signal Processing tasks, that FPGA can do much more better. Suppose you want to do a 800 Millions of 16 bit fixed points multiply in one second, which DSP can do this for you? We know that a 200Kgates Spartan-II FPGA , with a sophisticated design, can do this task easily.

I think I will learn first about DSP and then about using DSP in FPGA's. I know about FPGA but nothing about using MATLAB, SIMULINK. Is it much complicated to use MATLAB, SIMULINK and programs like DSP generator for doing automatic controls?. I mean is it automated or maybe the VHDL tranlation from SIMULINK is not very useful. Any comments about programs like DSP generator or the Altera like would be appreciated. I recently saw some news about a control with the highest bandwith (4Khz) using xilinx FPGA for implementing a control loop.

Best regards,


automatic control with simulink

You can design fast prototyper for control with the highest bandwith about 1-10Khz without DSP and FPGA. Use RTW module of Simulink to generate code, and PC and ADC/DAC board as control unit.

I would to buy a DSP Starter Kit , price $395.00
see here:
**broken link removed**
Is code composer included in the price? anybody know this kit ?

Hi miMoto,

Take a look at the Analog Devices SHARC floting point DSP.

You can get the EZSHARC kit for $179 and it comes with a C compiler with DSP extentions that speed software development for DSP task like filters ect.

see the bibinners page below:

**broken link removed**


hi servopump
where can u get a sharc evaluation board for $ 179 ?
the cheapest costs $ 175 in the **broken link removed**, but the distributor spoerle in europe wont give it to our school because we are not an university :(


Try Spectrum Digital at the following link

For low cost, DSP Start Kit (DSK) or eZDSP series.

Some of their bundle include Code Composer as well as embedded usb JTAG for debugging.

Hope it helps.

Best Regards

you search "dsp demoboard" in google.
there is a lots.

Motorla DSP Evaluation boards

Hi mImoto
I am working with Motorola DSP 56F805 at the University, so I do not know the exact price of the evaluation board. Here in Argentina you can find the EVM for U$S400 (I think).
You have to know what kind of application it will work in, to buy the right one. This is VERY important.
For example, the DSP I am using is for motor control, but the 56F82X is oriented to communications or general purpose applications.
On the other hand, there is the software that comes with the Evaluation Board. CodeWarrior is very good but is really hard to understand.
I do not know its price, but it helps a lot because of the APIs in it.
I do not know any other DSPs, but Motorola's are good enough for me.
It is helpful to have some collegue who works with the one you would want to buy, so you will avoid several problems.
I hope it helps.

hi dsp_

you can get the

ADDS-21061-EZLITE from AD web site.

I cut and past buy online info below.

Buy Online | Account Activity | Customer Service

Please begin by entering part numbers and quantities required. Be sure to select Update after each entry.

Payment Method: Credit Card ( Change )

Part Information Total
Qty Requested
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Price Total
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Add Customer Part #
Ships From: United States
Est Availability*: Request Quote 010203040506070809101112 01020304050607080910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031 2003 $179.00 $179.00

The CodeWarrior for DSP 56800 series is very good, but its SDK documetation is really hard to understand. But if you take a look at their samples, it is very easy to make your own applications.

**broken link removed**

Hi again,

I would like to know if with the DSK (TI, etc) is the software included (for example code composer studio?). I like maybe the TI C6000 SDK because it seems that TI web is very good and there are many books, although I can be wrong.

Which is the DSP from TI and Analog more suitable for motor controls?

And last question, which is the difference between an EVM board and the SDK?.

Best regards and thanks for the info in advance,
Sorry for hitting you with so many questions.


TI's evulation board would be a good start.


If you are in the learning phase, Do NOT buy a Evalution module, instead by a DSK. The soft seems to be included with the DSK, so you have not to pay for it separately.
EVM is for those, who are experienced in workign with DSPs, use a DSK instead.

Hi mImoto,

the C6711-DSK from TI includes a limited version of Code Composer Studio (no debug tools, I think). But it is still a good choice for first time tests.
You said something about control tasks; maybe a C2000 from TI will be a better choice then.
C6711 is a floating point DSP running at 150 MHz with up to 900 MFLOPS.
Another DSK is the C5402 from TI (16-Bit fixed point, 100 MHz, 100 MIPS).

Hope this helps


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