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Where should I work: in DSP or in FPGA?

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Dec 24, 2004
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I'll start working in February and I was asked to choose between working with FPGA(VHDL) or DSP(systemC). Please tell me what's more interresting?


fpga vs dsp

its all dependent on indovidual interests.
For me its DSP field which is very challenging work.
so i advise you to go for DSP field. DSP is there in every aspect of the life. checkout the sorrounding electroni equipements.. you will get digiti signal processing in every equipements....

still its your choice... So decide your own & choose your future working field.



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dsp versus fpga

DSP is a processor but FPGA is array of gates.
DSP is a optimized processor for digital signal processing and fast processing. but fpga is suitable for boolon functions.

dsp processor vs fpga

I find FPGAs a lot more fun/useful/challenging than DSP chips. I started using DSPs about 15 years ago, building various array signal processors and controllers. About 5 years ago I dropped them and switched to Xilinx FPGAs. Enormously faster, more flexible, and less expensive than DSPs. However, many engineers find FPGA HDL more difficult to learn than DSP C/Assembler. An engineer with only software skills probably should not attempt FPGA unless you wish to learn a new career, because to create good FPGA designs you have to think like a digital hardware designer.

dsp vs fpga

FPGA is a trend of digital R&D, which focus on digital circuit realized in soft code but hardware thinking.

DSP's famours charactor is it's data stream processing.

Now, EE need to know the FPGA and DSP even the RISC MPU, ADC, DAC etc....

dsp vs cpu

For DSP users have to implemente algorithm (s/w code) in efficient way (some arm's programmer might focus on porting code for application/peripheriial rather than for cpu/core); selection of core/model and study of computation standards would be encourted oftenly.

but FPGA, as its high flexibility, one would consider to the system view. I think both them are very chanlleging........

dsp vs. fpga

Thanks everybody for you replies, u've been very helpful.
I decided to go for FPGA because I've been working with C for a very long time and I think it's time to try and learn something new (VHDL).

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