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where can I find large site for searching ic datasheet

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Dec 23, 2001
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download semiconductor database burosch

which is supper for searching IC datasheet?

transist malzev

I think the best site is :
h**p://fre!etra! (remove !)
You must register but search engine is free.
Try this too, but it's not as complete as ftz :
Good luck ! catalog

try this one


Look here
**broken link removed**
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Or you can try w*
to find out the manufa. and the type of the ic, and then go to the manuf. site to have the complete ic data.


try this too :
**broken link removed**
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here are some links:**broken link removed** Datasheets by Prefix
**broken link removed** KELL's ELECTRONICs @ WEB GUIDE
**broken link removed** Various CDROMs datasheets See index at **broken link removed**
**broken link removed** Electronic Component Distributor Anglia
**broken link removed** DBK.COM.CN/REPAIR
**broken link removed** Integrated ICs Integrated Circuits
**broken link removed** Tubes Datasheets
**broken link removed**
Bibliothèque de Composants Händler für SMD-Transistoren, insbesondere Japantypen wie 2SA, 2SC, 2SD...etc.
**broken link removed** Händler für SMD-Transistoren, insbesondere Japantypen wie 2SA, 2SC, 2SD...etc. Händler für SMD-Transistoren, insbesondere Japantypen wie 2SA, 2SC, 2SD...etc. Japanspezialisten Händler für SMD-Transistoren, insbesondere Japantypen wie 2SA, 2SC, 2SD...etc. Japanspezialisten
**broken link removed** Microprocessor Sourcing ATEX ELECTRONICS Sourcing, remarketing
**broken link removed** National Semiconductors Application Notes
**broken link removed** Datasheets Transistors
**broken link removed** Datasheets SCR/DIAC/TRIAC/UJT
**broken link removed** Datasheets J-FET
**broken link removed** Datasheets Diodes
**broken link removed** Datasheets Linear ICs
**broken link removed** Datasheets digital ICs Aufzu Semi
**broken link removed** IC-ID
**broken link removed** Discrete components manufacturer logos
**broken link removed** IC manufacturer logos Manufacturer Logos
**broken link removed** Display Electronics - Europes's largest surplus stockist - Millions of bargains - On Line NOW. Electronic circuit diagrams, tutorials, hobby & do-it-yourself homepage.
**broken link removed** register with a proper email address register with a proper email address
**broken link removed** register with a proper email address
**broken link removed** good place for datasheets crossword competition to win electronic components. also database of links to electronics schematics on the web but they charge a lot for shipping (even inside Germany)... (Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Toshiba) (Infineon, Philips) (all kind of 8051's, M16C, 68xx, ST6 and Z80's)
**broken link removed** Direct download various analog/digital PDF Datasheets. Vente de composants électroniques pour l'amateur et l'industrie
**broken link removed** Accès Datasheets composants courants
**broken link removed** Echange de composants Quantités et références exactes disponibles. Cross reference pour les relais électro-mécaniques
**broken link removed** Basic knowledge of electonic parts
**broken link removed** Semiconductors Datasheets on the Web
**broken link removed** ICINFO Base de datasheet PDF
**broken link removed** voici une adresse intéressante remplie de datasheet de semi-conducteur au format pdf, classé par ordre alphabétique. Todo Electrónica: página principal Electronic component search engine. Search for electronic components now! aufzu Halbleiter-Ecke
**broken link removed** Anyone looking far a valuable competitive cross-reference tool should visit **broken link removed** this site also creates a custom xref for component manufacturers as well; email: (Phillip Paul) Information for Components
**broken link removed** Brochage des principaux transistors There were a couple of companies in the US that repackage semiconductors
and sell them through distributors as universal replacement repair parts.
One of these is NTE. ( (Another, ECG, was part of
the Philips North American consumer electronics division (TVs and stuff),
but I read that they recently sold that to NTE). Another line of parts
is from the north american division of Thomson.
Rather than sell the parts under their original number, they have them
labeled with a part number of their own. Often, a number of OEM parts
could use the same replacment part. (Transistors, and a lot of the
japanese linear ICs often have many equivalent parts). As a part of
their operation, they publish replacement guides with lookup tables that
give their part number for the original.

There used to be several of these companies, each with their own set
of parts with different numbers. (NTE decided to copy ECG and use the
same basic numbers). Now there a just a couple, NTE and Thomson with
their SK line of parts.

The replacement guide catalog comes in useful where, if you know that
two different parts have the same function, you can look up both in the
replacement guide catalog and see if they are replaced by the same
'universal replacment' part. (The replacment guide is also on the
web, and as a PC program with a database lookup).

If you can find the original part, there's not much advantage to buying
these parts, as they go through a couple more middlemen and therefore
cost many times what you'd have to pay at a distributor that sells a
semiconductor manufacturers products. But in many cases, you can't get
the part because they don't sell it here, or it's obselete. They're also
the only semiconductors that a small local electronics distributor will
sell, as the big semiconductor companies won't do business with them

**broken link removed** Chipbook
**broken link removed** PITT's privater werbefreier Electronics- Second- Elektronik- bauteile- Flohmarkt! IC's, Halbleiter und Passiv...
**broken link removed** Service Programmation de composants programmables
**broken link removed**
**broken link removed** IC Database with information about more than 98.000 semiconductors.
**broken link removed** Japanese equivalent JFET
**broken link removed** Replacement parts for different ICs can be found on this Site. Kits ELV
**broken link removed** Où obtenir des datasheets et autres informations...
**broken link removed** Source of datasheets
**broken link removed** PIC
**broken link removed** Componenti elettronici PIC
**broken link removed** Catalogue en image - Composants électroniques
Industrial Capacitors Wrexham Ltd., Miners Road, Llay Industrial Estate, Llay, rexham, LL12 0PJ Tel: +44 (0) 1978 853805 Fax: +44 (0) 1978 853785 email: They specialise in custom capacitors
**broken link removed** Fabricants
**broken link removed** Index Fabricants
**broken link removed** Constructeurs de composants passifs - Base de liens Searchable distributor database, datasheet search engine, many useful links and a section to post your stock requirements can be found.
**broken link removed** Manufacturers of IC and their logos Equivalences circuits Russes CHIPINFO FISTELL'S Micro Electronics Parts Liste de composants électroniques à vendre
**broken link removed** Liste de lots de composants à vendre AG ELECTRONIQUE 51 cours de la LIBERTE 69003 LYON tel : 04 78 62 94 34 catalogue general 25F Alltronics Greenchip Micronica PRELCO Electronics Corp.
**broken link removed** Audio-Video-Technik / IC Database tubes électroniques anciens Electronic components & spare parts DONBERG Electronics , Audio, video spares U.S. Electronics Inc. specializes in providing high quality electronic components at the lowest cost. on-line transistor cross-reference
**broken link removed** Glyn GmbH & Co. KG (Distributor für aktive, passive und elektromechanische Bauelemente)
**broken link removed** Documentation iut Geii Tours
**broken link removed** Electrome kits de composants CMS
**broken link removed** IC manufacturers Doc technique Product Change Notifications Alerts Product Change Notifications
**broken link removed** Product Change Notifications
**broken link removed** Chipbook
Index de circuits intégrés / Bibliographie de revues Espagnole : page Indice
**broken link removed** This page has a lot of old Sanyo data sheets!makeit/frameset_semiconductors.htm Verdier Delbarre RAM ELECTRONET Buyers Database
**broken link removed** COMPO PYRENNEES : Nouvelle adresse de la boutique: S.A.R.L WN ELECTRONIQUE , 324 rue des Pyrénées - 75020 PARIS ; Tel: 01 43 58 40 48 / Fax: 01 43 58 49 48
**broken link removed** PartMiner + de 14 millions de Datasheets - Gratuit pour les composants courants - Payant pour les composants obsolètes et pour les informations stratégiques (circuits de remplacements) ex capexpert que partminer a racheté pour $100 millions.... c'est la plus grande database de composants au monde et elle est gratuite. Byrne's Electrical Engineering Hot links The Electronic Goldmine Web Site Saint Quentin RADIO
**broken link removed** Free Electronic Component Datasheet Search Service
fabriquants et distributeurs de boîtiers en vrac (vraiment en vrac) :
sarel 0472517282
rolec conform 0142354444
fibox 0478681360
weidmuller 0134503410
phoenix mecano t 0148762020 f 0148751074
bopla (phoenix mecano)
danielson 0442125009
okatron (okw, ....) 0478568000
facelec 0146429999
teko, boss, deltron, rose, zettox, bulte
**broken link removed** Byrne's Electrical Engineering Hot links
**broken link removed** COMPONENTS SUPPLIERS on the Web
**broken link removed** WAFER map Databooks Tous composants semiconducteurs
Préfixes des Semiconducteurs (A à Z) (195 Kb)
**broken link removed** AV-Elmak Union Electronics Distributors Home Page Dial Electronics (UK) Elekronikprojekte UNISOURCE MARKETING
**broken link removed** Index of /maker : Classement par fabricants
**broken link removed** Pacific Corporation SemiconBank
**broken link removed** DERF Electronics Corp. STUUT&BRUIN (The Netherlands) Techsonic- Home
**broken link removed** Techsonic Parts Finder
**broken link removed** Semiconductor Datasheet on the Web Unitronic Surplus Components ChipDirectory Home
Index des Fabricants / Accès aux Datasheets.
**broken link removed**
Moteur ePanorama/datasheets

**broken link removed** Portail ePanorama Electoonix : Correspondance Prefixe Composant/Constructeur ; Schematèque, traduction technique 4 langues Datasheets by Number Semiconductor Excess Inventory
**broken link removed** Equivalences GO TRONIC
**broken link removed** COMELEC ELECTROME Datasheet Locator
**broken link removed** E44 Nantes - Electronic Components Directory
**broken link removed** Transistorer - IC Index
**broken link removed** Equivalences Transistors
**broken link removed** The Electronic Source Book WTB or WTS for ICs and Electronic components
**broken link removed** FIND PARTS FAST!! Buy Electronic Components Online
**broken link removed** Cenik ELECTROSPEC (EDGE Group)
**broken link removed** Integrated circuits Information

**broken link removed** misc Data Sheets
**broken link removed** Equivalences Composants Town Target Tech. - Electronic
E-InSITE Search E-Wiz

**broken link removed** accueil constructeurs
**broken link removed** Search Semiconductors Farnell Computer Solutions Homepage ESS USBid Inc. offers a business-to-business online auction to buy and sell electronic components like memory, microprocessor, SRAM, DRAM, integrated ic chip, semiconductor. Search database of parts, find and bid in our anonymous secure Internet ecommerce marketplace. Motorola Microcontroller ( MCU ) Archived HC05 Databook
**broken link removed** WebEE - The Electrical Engineering Homepage [] Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Industry Directory
**broken link removed** Des liens très utiles pour tous les électroniciens
**broken link removed** Annuaire Mondial des sites Informatiques et Electroniques (AMIE)
**broken link removed** Hardware Docs
**broken link removed** Farnell
**broken link removed** Philips Semiconductors Search Page
**broken link removed** Philips Semiconductors; Overview of all application notes EPN Online: Product News For Design Engineers
**broken link removed** A Survey : Electronics Manufacturers on the Web
**broken link removed** Databooks Electronics
**broken link removed** Chip Directory
**broken link removed** DANA's Index of Electronic Manufacturers on the Web
**broken link removed** Integrated circuits Information Le site portail de l'industrie Aries Electronics - Home Page [connectors]
**broken link removed** NUMERIC PART NUMBERS ChipDocs - Datasheets for Electronic Components and Semiconductors
**broken link removed** Electronic Components Company - home of PartFind, the FREE world wide part locator!
**broken link removed** EngResource Electronic Design Engineers Ref.
**broken link removed** SpinCircuit
**broken link removed** Electronique Diffusion tél(Roubaix) 03 20 70 23 42 (mais 10 agences en France)
**broken link removed** SMD devices Marking SMD devices Marking
**broken link removed** SMD devices Marking
**broken link removed** SMD devices Marking
**broken link removed** SMD footprint
Marquages des Condensateurs CMS SMD Capacitor Marking [] Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Industry Directory
**broken link removed** Search Adobe PDF Online
**broken link removed** Tony Datasheet Catalog
**broken link removed** Farnell France Digi-Key Corporation Home Page Digi-Key Corporation LineCard EPN Online: Product News For Design Engineers
**broken link removed** Liste Virtuelle de composants Kits Velleman Town Target Tech. - Electronic
ST QUENTIN RADIO 6 rue de St Quentin 75010 PARIS
h**p// SIC-SAFCO
h**p// tel 03 88 19 15 80 fax 03 88 83 41 81 si composants obsoletes
MTA circuits imprimés 4 rue de l'énergie 67720 HOERDT
1001 piles à Paris Toutes les piles et Accus
ABPE 1001 8 avenue Stéphane Mallarmé 75017 PARIS
Gare du Nord
ABPE 1001 34 cours de la liberté 69003 LYON
Milles et une piles 6 rue de Strasbourg 38000 GRENOBLE
**broken link removed** MEGAMOS composants belgique
Magnétic France BP 13 94301 Vincennes Cedex
KN ELECTRONIC 100 boulevard lefevre 75015 PARIS tel.0148280681 Pièces détachées Euroindustrie 69, rue du chevaleret 75013 Paris Fax:
**broken link removed** E-Insight
Circuit imprimé haut de gamme
**broken link removed** ECM Circuits imprimés
**broken link removed** ECCO Nantes si composants japonais dûr à trouver Distrelec - Disdata - Distop - more than 45'000 products online ! Conrad vepex 5000 59861 Lille cedex 9 Paris si composants japonais
Cholet Composants tél : 02 41 62 36 70
CAP Electronique 167 Rue de la Roquette Paris 11 Métro Philippe Auguste. TV HIFI Vidéo tel fax 01 43 72 51 51 Arquié Composant ADS
spécialiste RELAIS, TRANSFORMATEURS radio relais 18 r crozatier, tel 0143.44.44.50 fax 0143.28.66.93
Magasins d'électronique à Paris

Métro Nation Il y a 3 magasins:
11 Place de la Nation
75011 Paris
Tel 01 55 25 88 00
Fax 01 55 25 88 01
RER Nation

Complet en composants
131, Bld Diderot 75012 PARIS
Tel : Fax :
(métro et RER : nation)
Capharnaum de l'electronique : on trouve des composants neufs et d'occasion ainsi que des affaires.

Espace Composant Electronique
66 Rue de Montreuil
75011 Paris
Tel: 01 43 72 30 64
Fax: 01 43 72 30 67
RER Nation
Prix des composants attractif quoi qu'à vérifier parfois.

Métro Gare du Nord
6 rue de St Quentin
75010 PARIS
Tél 01 40 37 70 74 - Fax 01 40 37 70 91
Métro Gare du Nord
Complet et on trouve des choses que l'on ne trouve pas ailleurs.

Magasins d'électronique sur Nice:

* A cannes en tous cas, il y a le Comptoir Cannois de l'Electronique (à
côté de la gare, vers la rue de Mimont). A nice, il y avait pour les
professionnels Ber-Nell mais il ont dû encore déménager, ou bien ils
n'existent plus. On m'a dit aussi qu'il y avait un bon magasin vers
Carrefour Antibes...

* Comptoir cannois pres de la gare a Cannes.

* BERNELL a fait faillite et a définitivement fermé il y a 15 jours.

Il y a HOBBYLEC à cagnes sur mer sur la N98 à droite juste avant le mini tunnel de l'hyppodrome; c'est un tout petit magasin ouvert uniquement le matin mais qui est une vérirable caverne d'ali baba. tu as aussi avenir electronique au début du chemin de ST Claude en sortant de Carrefour Antibes. tu as encore Coudert (HIFI diffusion) rue tonduti de l'escarène à Nice.

O10C Groupement d'une quinzaines de magasins sur la france
O10C Electro Loisirs tel 33 avenue de la liberation R.N.7 91130 RIS ORANGIS
Pas mal de composants japonais

tradezone is good when you find the search
gives a good result but when there is nothing
on the result it is useless (for you not
for them : I think they analyze what searchs
you make to inquire for new datasheets or
replacement parts).
as discussed recently on it would be a good thing if it exists such a Napster
to exchange datasheets.
some datasheets can only be found by
email or postal mail from the manufacturer
(specifications also), some datasheet can
be found noway: they are specificaly
secret-guarded by the manufacturer
(specifications also)
good site to see logos,
manufacturers classified by type of
components : ics, discrete, RLC, connectors,
**broken link removed**
On 2002-04-28 18:55, CADIX wrote:
I think the best site is :
**broken link removed**
You must register but search engine is free.
Try this too, but it's not as complete as ftz :
**broken link removed**
Good luck !
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Look also at**broken link removed**
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Im looking for the DECT's technology information. Who can give me the link.

heres my personal fave :

i think google is good enough

the good sites are

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