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Where can I find a low cost EMC antenna?

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Feb 21, 2002
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Low cost EMC antenna?


Does anyone how can I make or where to buy a low cost antenna (1MHz to 2GHz more or less).

Thansk in advance,


what a huge range you are talking about!!!

1 MHz.... this is like radio antenna...
2 GHz... like sat, mobile antenna...

also... where do you want to buy it from?? usa?

if you want! i think best think is to tell us what freq. do you want to wark on and we will tell you what is best.

several antennas

You will need sevral antennas to cover this range.

For the HF range 1-30 MHz you can use a length of wire.

For the other ranges you can make several discone antennas out of stiff wire and a coaxial socket. These cover about a 4-1 frequency ratio range before they start having beam patterns away from the horizon.

theoretically its not posible to have such a huge range in a single antenna, you have to have multiple antennas

I would like to use for EMC. I asked for 2-Ghz bandwith becuase my spectrum analyzer has a range until 2Ghz.

Which are the common antennas for EMC measurements. I would like to use mainly for improving my cable assembling, etc not for passing EMC test etc. Which are more or less the price?

Thanks a lot,


common antennas

EMC test laboratories use a set of antennas for different frequency ranges.

For low they use a caged bow tie with calibration factors for each frequency.
For the mid they use a log periodic with calibration factors for each frequency. For high they use waveguide horns with calibration factors for each frequency. They take the output from the spectrum analyzer and put it into a computer which stores the calibration factors and draws a graph of true signal strength vs frequency.

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