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what is zero energy in quantum physics?

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Jan 30, 2006
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why in quantummechanics there is no zero energy?

and what is zero energy?

No I mean why there is not zero energy.
and what is zero point energy

Perhaps you are talking about vacuum energy. It has something to be with the energy of an harmonic oscillator ( and the energy of a EM field at frecuency w with n photons, is also an harmonic oscillator)

\[E_{n} = \hbar \omega (n + \frac{1}{2})\]

son when there 's no photons (ie zero energy = gorund state ) n = 0

\[E_{0} = \frac{1}{2}\hbar \omega\]

zero point energy is a system that can potentialy
extract exponetial energy from the quantum realm

there has been many scientist working on this
in countrys like france canada etc to the point of goverments distroying there labs
with missiles and spying on there work this system has several good points and several bad ones

most work has been done using magnetic deplation
kind of pumping the fields thru different magnets to contort there poles

kind of works like a clock you pwm pump it up and it runs down slowly like a clocks main spring

current drawn from these systems is refered to as cold current
becouse the connetions become so cold that nitrogen freezes onto then

becouse the quantum realm connects everything all at once

there is an infinite source of free totaly clean energy

however these systems actual effector time where you are

all very strange stuff

but true and is being developed for comercial use

and you can see why goverments are suspicious and scared of this type of energy generation

appart from this have a look around the net
youll find heeps of written texts that will give you far more info than ANYONE here

good luck

other than to add

this system is as hard to grasp as ionic liquid chemistry binarys
reactions that use no water have no biproducts and produce no waist
or unneeded chemisty
and there are as many people know absolutly nothing about it
becouse half the world is stuck up the middle of there tree looking up to and waiting for god to help them

while god is so busy that he hasnt even got time to help himself

E=1/2(hbar * w0) is called the zero point energy. It is the lowest energy a Quantum Oscillator can be in!

I mean can we use this zero point energy as a source of free energy
(for example can we use 2 quantum systems with different amounts of zero point energy to extract its difference, which is a free source energy)
I mean neglecting the fact that these 2 systems, while placing near each other make some common modes (couple) which are different from previous modes of operation.

maybe quantum physics books can not give you very clear picture
maybe u can try to read some book about solid state physics or thermodymanics book...i think that will help you to understand more about this

it is not related to thermodynamics, I think this is an easy quantum physics question.

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