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what is your selection? (AVR or PIC ) and why?

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very question

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Nov 11, 2012
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Hi everybody

Today I create this topic to encourage you to discuss about these two popular microcontrollers AVR &PIC.
I ask you participate in this topic & share your ideas and experiences with us.

First of all I ask some questions to discuss about and then I will explain some points related to them.

At first I would like to ask which one do you prefer and use in your projects more than the other one? Why?
Which one is more popular between electronic's engineers?

Second point is their speed and comparison of frequencies, Which one is faster? Although I know for example AVR speed is 4 times faster than PIC though same frequency of clock is used. This is due to when using PIC, the frequency will be divided by 4 for accurate requirement but AVR important for speed, but I want to know more about this and it's uses in different
situations for example in industry projects

How about the effects of noise on them? Which one is more effected by noise?
How about it's price?
which one is expensive more than the other one?
and so on

I hope you take part in this discussion and help us to reach a good result.
Be success
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What you ask is the equivalent of which drink is better, whiskey or vodka.
It is a matter of preference, if one was better than the other then there woudn't be two companies but one.

I have seen this very question (not referring to your name) so many times and not a single time reaches a conclution, it rather turns into an argument with users of each school fighting each other.

I personally find such discussions pointless.
Not open for further replies.

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