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What is your preffred PIC compiler?

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Sep 29, 2005
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I am using assembly in MPLAB. Its quite a hard work. I am learning slowly the C compiler. What your PIC compiler?

Only HI-Tech PICC ? There is no other good softs!


which is the pic family you want to use ? For the 18F I use the microchip C18.
For the 16F I use the Hitech Picc.

I think best is PICC (CCS C) and is easy to learn and use.

good luck

I have used demo version of CCS C. It is good and easy to use. Another positive thing about CCS C is it has lot of drivers for devices, like DS1307 RTC.


CCS is somewhat easy to start because of lots of built in functions and "configuration "settings.

For example
you can create a bit banging serial port or IIC by simply calling a function of CCS compiler with the required pins specified

but the code will not be portable to another chip because you will be heavily depending on built in functions of CCS.

but Hi-tech ANSI C and staright forward.

After initial "friction" you will love it.

If you code in PICC ,if required you can port this programme or routine to KEIL for 8051 with minimum changes. But if you are in CCS ,Little work required...


picstudent which C compiler you are using and which part of PIC. And what are your projects.


Started with CCS , but now on Hi-Tech as well as assembly.

Chips ... 628,877,12F683 ..etc

Any other information, if you are interested; PM me!


Go with CCS.

You do not have to use CCS built-in funtions. You can write your own using CCS. I have tried hi-tech, c18, and ccs. CCS is my pick because of its price.

I will tell u sthing about differences between CCS, Hi-Tech and MPLAB i used CCS in my yearly project (last year) to perform a machine control, here are the results:
- code not portable;
- more machine code generated than hi_tech do for the same application, that means 2 things: first, we are in use of more program memory space than in h-t; second, that we can not (in some cases) design a hard real time application;
- we don't know how the predefined functions are implemented, then we can't optimize with assembley language as we can do with Hi-Tech;
+ easier to learn, since we are not supposed to know everything about our chip, but
- that make us uncapable to write a well designed software.

Hi-Tech, has a bad interface, but a very good generated programs!! I use it to write code for 16F PICs and MPLAB assembley to optimize the generated code; I use MPLAB C18 to program 18F "no one's know microchip products as it do"!


Since, i

rutnn33 said:
CCS is my pick because of its price.

This a valid point,because the the difference is not that bad!

But the idea that code can be written without built in functions I cant understand.

output_high(LCD_RW); this is CCS bit setting.

LCD_RW=1; is hi tech bit setting.

I feel the second is simple and portable..

Then another thing in long term ...

When you become experienced and wish to move on to RTOS...

HI tech will help beause of Almost ANSI C compatability.

For example the popular SALVO RTOS (What they call"The RTOS that RUNS in tiny places") certifies Hi Tech in their approved compiler list. But to my knowledge CCS in not.(If this is something which concerns you)

"When you are eager and willing,(to do something)
The universe conspires to make it happen"

What is the cost of CCS C full version with WINDOW based IDE. And what is current version is available. And any one using PICBasicPro compiler.


**broken link removed**

or contact local resellers in your country


Hitech C is good and reasonably priced. IAR microsystems also do a PIC C compiler - based on the performance of their AVR tools, I'm sure it would be awesome.

This discussion is very good. at least I have now the idea of the direction where I am heading. thank you everybody

It generates up to 30% more code (as far as i've tested it - ver than HI-TECH. But they still working on it and i hope the results will comming soon. The good news are that they have very good HELP, and many libraryes, which is very helpfull, especialy for the beginners.

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