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What is the most important preparing for layout?

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Dec 24, 2005
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Halo guys

I am begining for a layout, but I have no experience for it, I am afaind that if I didn't set up the supporting files properly for layout, I may have to restart again after I finish the first layout, so can anybody tell me that what I need to set up before the layout, mostly I need a techfile and display.drf DRC rule and LVS rule, right? Is there anythings that I must to set and notify?

And after I finish the layout, what I should handle to the foundry is only the layout database? or else, anything more?

Have nice days

yes, techfile and display.drf DRC rule and LVS rule must have.
after layout, you give gds to the foundry. and the foundry will give your a form, such as process, die size and so on need to provide.

Dear Sunking,

Thank you so much, sholud I spec the layer rule(which includes a manufacture grid definition) in the techfile? And How can I set the minmum grip in the layout drawing?

Best Regards

You should have ERC rule, and rules about rc-extraction.
Before sending to the foundry, the designer must check the simulation results whether it is meet the specification or not.

for the grid definition it will be mentioned in the pdk given by the fab

in the layout go to options in that display or just press 'e'

in that x snap spacing y snap spacing as given in the pdk

otherwise at the end of the design it will give a layout grid error.

ya while submitting the design to the fab guy we will give the layout database in GDS format

its a format which will be undrestood by the fab

Dear YESH_23,

Would you pls tell me what the "PDK" means?

And I can not find any minimum grid spec from thr foundry for our bipolar process.

Best Regards

this is sivakumar,for designing correct layouts first we have to concentrate on technologi file that is we should have good understanding knowledge on tech file and understanding of DRC & LVS rule files and Knowledge on processing layers in the fab.

PDK is process design kit which is given by the fab . in that u can get the do's & dont's and the methodologies to be followed in that particulr process.

layout guide lines for drawing resistors & capacitors every thing will be mentioned.but it is confidential be carerfull.

the minimum grid spec will also be given in that

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