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What is the differences between programming C, C++ and C#???

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C is ansy C does not have classes.
C++ is C with classes.
C# is a mixed between C and Basic does not have pointers, visual programming.

you are new in programming i suppose.

classes is like a struct but with function and more.

visual programming is build with classes.

If you are about to program microcontrollers, study ANSI C. If you are going straight to high level (like let's say Windows programming), then try C#.


Another question is what is the meaning by Microsoft language??

Its the set of programming languages made by a learning exercise visit their site and see how many languages they have there. Check the link for Visual Studio..

In case you didn't know there are other languages like, Delphi, FreePascal etc... and many more, these are not made by Microsoft ...

The .NET framework is cross platform, it does not only run on Windows. Although not many other platforms have used it.

programming languages made by Microsoft????

I don't think Microsoft has any language that is exclusive to Microsoft?
All of the mainstream languages have to adhere to standards laid down.

Visual Studio is a rapid application development platform for windows that supports a lot of programming languages. The .Net framework, written mostly in C#, uses the CLR, (Common Language Runtime) which compiles the source code from different languages into a common IL code.
This allows you to mix and match languages that suit your application when writing a large program and they all fit and work seamlessly together.
You can download the express editions of Visual Studio for free.

Compilers exist for C++, C#, Visual Basic. F#, Iron Python, Iron Ruby, Ada, APL, Caml, COBOL, Eiffel, Forth, Fortran, Haskell, Lexico, LISP, LOGO, Lua, Mercury, ML, Mondrian, Oberon, Pascal, Perl, Php, Prolog, RPG, Scheme, Smalltalk, Tci/Tk.

C# is, in my opinion, the coolest language about, using all the good bits of other languages and getting rid of the rubbish.

C++ is, in my opinion, the biggest load of a tangled mess that you want to avoid like the plague.

The same guy who was responsible for Delphi, is the leader of the C# development at Microsoft.and he knows a thing or two about code.

Most programs written for the PC will be running Windows. If you want to earn a living programming, you need to know Visual Studio.

btbass said:
The .NET framework is cross platform, it does not only run on Windows.

Hi btbass!

As far as I know .NET is cross platform, but not Visual Studio. Is this a way for a setup file produced by Visual Studio to run on Linux or MAC? If so can you please share with us how can we do that or provide us a link reference? I've searched the web on this and I only found the use of MonoDevelop as solution.


Little bit of confusion,
As you know, the Net framework is cross platform, not Windows specific.

Visual studio is Windows way of interfacing to the Net framework.
Visual Studio can be extended for other things, but mainly for Windows operating systems.

If you want to use the net framework on other platforms, you will need an IDE that supports it.

btbass said:
If you want to earn a living programming, you need to know Visual Studio.

I think that if we are about to encourage someone on visual programming, that would be on .NET and not specificly on Visual Studio, that's my point of view. When you produce a setup on MonoDevelop, you are asked if you want this setup to be Windows, Linux or MAC style and that's true cross platform. By the way I also use Visual Studio.

lyuyying, if you are new to programming and you are trying to decide between C, C++, and C#, I'd recommend C#. Consider C as the basic language(basic as in simple, not the programming language). C++ added object-oriented-programming (here is where classes come into the picture). C# (which is very similar to java by the way) is like a better C++, making it easier and safer.
I'm not familiar with MonoDevelop, but I like Visual Studio a lot. I used to use code::blocks for c++ which is pretty cool too. But I think, once you know the language, visual studio has very cool features to help you develop more advanced programs.

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