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what is the best way to design a helix antenna?

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Nov 14, 2008
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flat helix antenna

Hi All,

Can anyone tell me what is the best way to design a helix antenna as per the specs below?

To build the helix antenna, the spec that I should follow is:

1)Frequency = 3550MHz
2) No. of turns is 20
3) Turn spacing is 0.1 wavelength

Waiting for ur reply.


Added after 1 hours 53 minutes:

plz help me....

helix antenna impedance matching 6ghz

design or build? seems like you have the design basics down outside of wire diameter or printed circuit line width

what is the best way to design an agenda


I am not clear on the answer that u gave.

Could u explain again clearly, plz.....

Thank you.


bestway to make antenna phone

you can simulate that using CST microwave simulation. i have been trying to make a helix antenna for pmr application. though we did not test it yet in the field.

the best helix antenna

Hi, you may want to try NEC. Or FEKO.

Micky74 is right, go for NEC. You have posted this problem many times on this forum.
NEC is simple to use and free also.
the results are pretty good, if you take care of practicle things.

If you talking about fabricating th Helix then refer amature articles/papers. you will find on this forum or google it.

Hi Abhisekabs,

Could u guide me which journals or research paper in which website link that i can found?

Waiting for ur reply.




Balanis-Antenna Theory - Analysis and Design, Third Edition, page 566

Hi All,

I have a machine-made of helix antenna which is no.of turns is 18 and thickness of the copper coil is 1mm. So I suspect , the freq should be btw 5 to 6GHz.

The method of doing the assembly are as follows:

1) The winded coil is fixed on the pvc tube and glue it to the flat reflector .

2) The end of the coil is soldered in the n-type (female) conn.

Now I'm testing the antenna with the above said assembly using 300mm dish.

Testing using signal generator and spectrum analyzer, that means one dish connect to the sig gen and the other dish connect to the spectrum.

When I look at spectrum, it doesn't show me a good value .

Before I perform this test, I test the helix antenna which is glued with flat reflector and it shows around -10dB at 2 markers and -9dB at 1 marker since I put 3 markers which are 5GHz, 5.5GHz, 6GHz at Network analyzer.

At all 3 freqs, it show around -10dB.

Theoritically, the input impedance could be more than 100ohms, i guess.

But practically , when I check with network analyzer, the input impedance giving abt 50ohms at 5GHz, 45ohms at 5.5GHz and 30ohms at 6GHz based on the antenna position that I hold by hand.

So my question is what should I do now?

Somebody plz guide me.....

Waiting 4 ur reply.


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