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What is the best tool to share mount from Windows to Linux?

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Nov 17, 2001
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I use Samba to share data from Linux to Windows and PC-NFS from
PC to linux. Are there better ways to share files from Windows
directories to Linux?


You can install NFS server and client for Windows... There are some NFS Tools, but not free... trial only... 8)

I don't know why you don't like the samba... it works fine...
you have MAP and Disconnect in Windows and smbmount in Linux...
what do you want? :))0

I use samba server in rehat 7.3 It work fine.
But i have bad experience in using samba client in linux.
Does anyone have the better solution to use samba client in redhat?
(ie. to browser windows shared directory/files in linux)


If you want a server, NFS, DNS, Samba, Firewall, Printer .... etc

The best solution is Debian or FreeBSF, I am agree that these distributions don't have the lates versions, but the are the more STABLE and SECURE ones.

I have a samba (files and printers) and DNS server on Debian and it has been working for months without a problem and even a reset.


what is the difference between Debian and Red Hat? or Free BSD.... ????
I'll say that there are more differencies between Linux and BSD... and not for differnece bw RH and Slackware or SuSE and so on...
Linux is Linux... SuSE... Red Hat... Slackware, Mandrake and so on...
BSD is BSD... Open-BSD, Free BSD, Net BSD or even BSDI
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BSDI means BSD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what do you think is the difference between RH and Free-BSD and what is the difference between Linux and BSD..??? :)))))

for me samba works fine... if someone dont agree with me, can try other Fileman servers as NFS... you can try Omni-NFS server for Win... It's good but I'm not pleased from it.... :))) U can download free versions only.... I havn't crack :(((((

Devian vs redhat

The diference is the filosophy not the OS, both are linux of course, but redhat it's a comercian company and the try to get a distribution with the lates hardware support (video cards, scanners, USB, etc) and applications because they need this to keep the "normal" user happy.

In the case of Debian, they are not hurry, the don't mind to use kernel version 2.2.x, (redhat use 2.4, and even in the future release from debian they say that is not good to use 2.4).
The question is why??? In debian and some other distribution, they look for stability, security, and spend months before a release, even nearly a year because the want a secure and good system. Of course, they are solvin in hours every security bug.

So you need to decide, do you want lates versions and all graphic and windows like tools or you want simple, quick, and robust system?? it's on you!!

By the way I use debian on my servers, but mandraque on workstations, when people say that they don't want to learn... I prefer spend my time on other things... that working as linux teacher. 8)


If We talk about Linux, I'll prefer Slackware or SuSE may be... than Debian ...
I havn't interests from Mandrake and so on...

If We talk about BSD, I'll prefer Open-BSD...

feel free to disagree

I love somba, the problem is the on other end. How to share
resource from windows to Linux?

to Cathay

Of course. Samba!!

You also have a group of client tools for your linux system,


Download the graphical interface for samba
xfsamba, you can transfer files from win <-> linux
using drag & drop

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