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What is Cygwin and common commands for it?

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Apr 7, 2007
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Hello all

I am using Cygwin which seems to be a UNIX like environment for my projects.. Can someone please help me understand Cygwin is.

Also it will be of great help if someone could post some common commands used in Cygwin.

Thanks and regards

What is Cygwin

In fact,
Cygwin is intented to emulte linux under windows as i know.
You have only to lunch the consol and to type the linux commands as you work on linux.

Re: What is Cygwin

Cygwin is effectively a set of run-time libraries that enables Linux programs to be compiled and executed under Windows. There are 3 things it is very good at:

1) Providing a free X-windows environment via the XFree86 port in order to access graphical applications from Unix machines on a Windows desktop without buying a commercial X Server like Hummingbird's Exceed.

2) Providing you with a shell environment that provides most if not all of the common unix commands like vi, grep, awk, sed, etc, for easier scripting in Windows environments.

3) Providing an environment where you can compile and execute most source codes written for Linux on a Windows OS.

Because it does so much, it's kind of big. If all you want is the vi editor, for example, you're much better off with vim.

It differs from things like VMware in that it does not run Linux binaries; a program has to be recompiled/relinked to run under Cygwin.

Re: What is Cygwin

Take care when you download and install it:

There are 2 types of Cygwin:
- Cygwin , that use normal console style only
- Cygwin/X that allows you to have a quite good emulation of X environment.

Some Another tips:
- when you install it usually , it install a lot of files while it download them, you can select the choice of "download only" and install in a second time.

- Take a look before to start , to what packages are you installing.

In any case is a good tool.

Have a nice X session

Re: What is Cygwin

Hi From long back i m searching for cygwin sw.Im living in bangalore a

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