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What do you think about CCS ICD for PIC?

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Jul 29, 2001
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ccs icd

I'm looking for a good in circuit debugger and programmer for PIC.
At this time I've found that CCS is making an ICD and programmer called
CCS ICD. There are few versions and one is based on a fast USB connection.



I would like to know what you think about this device.

Is there anywhere a free ICD for PIC 18Fxxx?

Thank you.

ccs icd-u40 schematic

Have anybody schematics for ICD-S or ICD-U ????

ccs icd u40 clone

ICD-U40 from ccs is faster than icd from microchip.
But if you have a problem tech support is very slow.

I sent a question 4 days ago, i have never had an answer.

ccs icd clone

I think CCS better than microchip

icd clone ccs

Look here for an ICD1 clone:

**broken link removed**

You should be able to load the CCS ICD-S software into the unit to make it compatible to PIC12 to PIC18 series.

Also see this threads:

**broken link removed**
**broken link removed**
**broken link removed**
**broken link removed**

best regards

icd scheme pic

I use ICD clone with ccs ICD hex file it not work. when i run PIC on clone board is hot.

ccsc icd

Where do you get the power for your target?
Be sure thet you do not have power conflict between ICD and target

what do u mean by icd?

I have CCS ICD-U 40 MHz
I think CCS better than microchip

programmer for pic ccs

I have ICD-S but anybody know were get schematics for ICD-U
Does in it FT232 or not?

icd1 clone

Hi to all,
can someone post the scheme of CCS ICD-U40?

ccs icd clon

ICD-U use FT232BM USB <-> RS232 converter, connection is at TTL level with PIC18F252. This is an one clone of ICD-U USB interface. I'm not testing it, but thing that will be work fine. Rest of schematic is the same as ICD-S40. My Clone of ICD-SXX ( RS232 )
can be get from here:

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