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Washing machine Drain pump control

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Dec 5, 2013
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I have in my hands a drain motor for washing machine (with a metalic wire, i think to open mechnically a small door and then evacuate the water).

I really dont understand how does it works and how to drive it.

I have find a document in chinese on the web, please see the schematic.

There are 3-wires, I dont understand why. I think that it has to be drove by a Triac (maybe 2?) drain motor.png. How to connect it ?

If someone knows...

Thanks in advance for your help,

Are you sure it is the drain pump ?

I presume you are referring to the solenoid valves that are manufactured together with multiple terminals/pipes.

Anyway, without any additional information, will be impossible give you precise advices.

Hello Andre,

No, this is not a drain pump. This is a drain motor. I think for washing machine with with vertical drum (for asiatic market).

Then no pipe, as this is a single metalic wire that manage a small door (Im not sure, but I supposed).

For example, but with only two wires to plug into the Line:,201527_1_71_72_73_74_75,201409_1

In the schematic what are the reason of switches and coil ? the Motor alone will be sufficient, no ?
How to connect this load ?
How does it work ?


Additionnal information,

There are 2 Triacs to drive the load: one in the Terminal 1 and an another on Terminal 3, and both connected to Neutral.
Terminal 2 is connected to the Phase.

How to drive Triacs ? in the same time ? separatly ? which sequence ?
What is this coil function ?

Thank you, don't hesitate if you have some explanation...

I must admit that I never had seen this kind of pump.
The units I have dealt had just two electric terminals.

Can't you inform precisely what is the P/N of that device ?

This is not a pump but a motor.

No pipes, here the motor allow to pull the metalix wire.

Unfortunalty, Im sorry I havent any P/N to show...

If someone knows... Please let me know ! :)

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