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wad does PMC stands for???

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thanks. but need a comfirm ans. doin presentation abt it.
ani1??? help...

pmc punjab management commision

PMC Caracas Metropolitan Police
PMC Chief Patternmaker (Naval Rating)
PMC Pacific Marine Center
PMC Pacific Municipal Consultants (California)
PMC Packet Mode Channel
PMC Pain Management Center
PMC Palestine Media Center
PMC Pan-Massachusetts Challenge
PMC Paper Machine Clothing
PMC Parallel Model Combination
PMC parallel multiunit circle (US DoD)
PMC Paramyotonia Congenita of Von Eulenburg
PMC Parents of Murdered Children
PMC Part Mission Capable
PMC partial mission-capable (US DoD)
PMC Particulate Materials Center (NSF)
PMC Past Master Councilor (Order of DeMolay)
PMC PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) Mezzanine Card
PMC Peoples Medical College (Pakistan)
PMC Percussion Marketing Council
PMC Perfect Magnetic Conductor
PMC Permanently Manned Capability
PMC Permanently Manned Configuration
PMC Persian Music Channel
PMC Personal Mobile Communicator (Sharp Corporation)
PMC Personalized Medicine Coalition
PMC Personnel Mobilization Center
PMC Personnel Monitoring Center (Radiological/Biological Decontamination)
PMC Pesticide Management Commission
PMC Phantom Maintenance Connector (Hekimian)
PMC Philippine Manufacturing Company
PMC Phosphite Manufacturers Consortium
PMC Pierson Medical Center
PMC Pine Manor College (Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts)
PMC Planning Ministers Council (Australia)
PMC Plastic & Metal Center Inc
PMC Platform Management Center (Sprint)
PMC Playmore Corporation
PMC Polar Mesospheric Clouds
PMC Political Media Consultant
PMC Polyimide Matrix Composite
PMC Polymer Matrix Composite
PMC Poor Man's Copyright
PMC Port Management Card
PMC Portable Media Center (Microsoft)
PMC Power Management Control
PMC Power Management Controller
PMC Power Meter Channel (Agilent)
PMC Power Modulator Conference (IEEE)
PMC Pre Med Club
PMC Pre-Maintenance Check
PMC Precious Metal Clay
PMC Precious Metals Code
PMC Premium Mission Critical (network traffic class)
PMC President of the Mess Commitee
PMC President's Management Council
PMC Presidential Memorial Certificate (certificate signed by the president to honor the memory of honorably discharged deceased veterans)
PMC Pressure-Modulator Cell
PMC Preventive Maintenance Center
PMC Primary Mission Capable
PMC Prime Mission Contract/Contractor (NASA)
PMC Principauté de Monte Carlo
PMC Private Military Company
PMC Private Military Contractor
PMC Proactive Monitoring Center
PMC Procurement Management Council
PMC Procurement Method Code
PMC Procurement, Marine Corps
PMC Product Market Combination
PMC Production Technology Management Committee (Of the European Broadcasting Union)
PMC Products Management Committee (Ontario Provincial Standards)
PMC Professional Military Course
PMC Program Management Center
PMC Program Management Charter
PMC Program Management Committee
PMC Program Management Control
PMC Program Management Council
PMC Program/Project Management Council
PMC Program/Project Management Course
PMC Programmable Machine Controller
PMC Project Management Consultancy
PMC Project Management Contract
PMC Project Management Cost
PMC Project Monitoring and Control
PMC Projects Management Centre
PMC Property Management Company
PMC Pseudo Machine Code
PMC Pseudomembranous Colitis
PMC Public Mobile Carrier (FCC)
PMC PubMed Central (US National Library of Medicine's digital archive)
PMC Puerto Montt, Chile - Tepual (Airport Code)
PMC Pune Municipal Corporation
PMC Punjab Medical College (Faisalabad, Pakistan)

pmct stands for


Hats off to touring mike,great job,i think originator of this query can easily look into the list and figure it out....?:D

jthwjthw,please always send the context..if not, it leads to lots of chaos ....

Moreover i just enter the link into the tool bar your mentioned, it clearly briefed about the pmc(programmable micro controller) and its specs,

Device Xilinx Virtex-II Pro XC2VP50
Speed Grade -6 (call for other FPGA sizes/grades)
Package FF1152

DDR SDRAM 2x 64Mbytes (125MHz)
SRAM 3x 2Mx18-bit (QDR-II) (125MHz)
FLASH 4Mbytes
FPGA Boot/Configuration
Programmable via PMC/PCI interface

Device QL5064
Compliance 32/64-bit PCI 2.2
3.3/5V tolerant
Enhancements DMA, interrupt support
Bandwidth >500Mbytes/sec

Now,what your are loking for?




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pmc stands for

PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) Mezzanine Card is the correct answer =X

pmc stands for project

This guy is trolling to increase his points and post count. See his earlier post and he asks what a PMC is because he has to do a presentation on it???? The correct answer is it's a 3 letter acronym.


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