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virtuoso layout suit could select bottom cell pin shape

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May 17, 2022
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Hi all,
As the title express,I could select bottom cell pins in virtuoso layout version 18.1 -64b. It seems I select one instance and sevreal pins, but actually , the pins are not belong to such hiracle level , they are in fact in the selected cell. So the pins have some unique charactors.It could be select , move(when I move it on top ,It's position would change in the bottom cell),stretch ,but couldn't be delete or copy.Is this any setup option of virtuoso or just a simple bug?
By the way ,only pin shapes in bottom cell could by select ,neither labels nor other shape object.And when I try to use geGetSelectSet() to call the charator of these pins It returns only nil .

I have never seen this, although my exposure to later IC6
features is nowhere near what I absorbed from IC5. On an
open source layout tool I favor, though, there are settings
which will let you work at only the present level, or select
and modify features all the way down to the bottom, as you
like (just a checkbox). Or, let you grab stuff that lies below
(which tends to have unnoticed / unintended consequences):

I would have posted a direct link to a thread on the klayout
'board but evidently I'm still a toddler. Nice. You can go there
(guess I can't tell you where, either, but hope you can deal)
and search for this:

"One object selected, all of the type deleted"

I couldn't rule out that the $$$,$$$/seat tool offers the
same, even if I don't know what they might call it or how
to get at it. But in klayout it's referred to as "shallow select"
in the Editor Options; meaning that it only looks at present
level of hierarchy. Maybe this is a searchable phrase in
Cadence (or will lead you to one). Might also suggest the
Cadence user groups, if you have plenty of time to wait.

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