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[SOLVED] Linking Siemens Calibre to Cadence Virtuoso

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Mar 27, 2023
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I have been trying to link Virtuoso to Calibre on our Centos6.5 linux server using the instructions presented by siemens at the following link:

When I launch cadence after setting up the environment variables I get the errors found in the attached file. The Assura file mentioned in the error message is present on the server and I can navigate to it from the Calibre install directory. Looking on Siemens support page there is some indication that this might be caused by Calibre trying to run as a 64 bit program on a 32 bit device but our server is 64 bit so I'm not sure that this is the problem.

We are currently running Virtuoso 6.1.8-64b and I have installed Calibre 2023.1_34

Any help on this problem would be appreciated.

Please let me know if more information is needed.

Thanks in advance.


  • calibre errors.PNG
    calibre errors.PNG
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For future individuals looking to solve this problem. In Linux there is a environment variables called LD_LIBRARY_PATH that contains the paths to all of the library files on the machine. when Calibre is trying to start it looks at all of the path variables that are relevant to it to make sure that it is not filling them with stuff that is already there. normally this is not a problem if the contents of the variables are formatted correctly in the case of LD_LIBRARY_PATH it should be full of directories separated by a ":". In our case the first and last entry were separated by a " :". In this case Calibre parsed the variable as "directory1" " :directory2" instead of "directory1" "directory2". The directory that the error message says it couldn't find is " :/cadence/install/ASSURA/lib/64bit" instead of "/cadence/install/ASSURA/lib/64bit" like I initially thought assuming the ":" was part of the error message formatting.

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