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VHDL and Verilog which one you use more often?

VHDL and Verilog which one you use more often?

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Feb 8, 2002
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Which HDL is the most Popular?

We all curious about which HDL is prefered by the engineers in the world.

Best Regards. :roll:

I use VHDL almost all the time and sometimes Verilog when the project
has been started using Verilog.

Please Vote!!

120 view only 15 vote. :cry:


In French engineering school, VHDL is preferred



In germany schools VHDL is preferred. But they teach also Verilog because the most tools use a Verilog output!
Big german companys like infineon are also using Verilog, but in military research the most using VHDL.


Generally vhdl is used for synhtesis , verilog is used for simulation

how about companes in north america?
which hdl is more popular?

I like VHDL more when simulation.

If you do ASIC, more likely you use Verilog
If you design FPGA, more likely you use VHDL

This topic has come up a couple of times recently, albeit without a poll.

Here are links to the other threads:

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I use VHDL.. But I heard Verilog is easier


I use Verilog .. But I study Vhdl is easier

SystemVerilog has been stealing features from VHDL

I went to a SystemVerilog tutorial a few days ago presented by Synopsys guys. It looks like the SystemVerilog developers have been stealing features from VHDL all over the place -- configuration, multi-dimensional array, pointer, record ... You name it. Almost every nice feature VHDL has that Verilog lacks, they copy it and put it in SystemVerilog. Their purpose is very clear -- one language for both design and verification (SystemVerilog also "borrowed" features from Vera). I'm wondering what these guys are trying to do. Instead of beefing up Verilog, why don't they make their synthesis tool understand VHDL better.

In US, there is this misconception that Verilog is a better choice for ASIC design. What people don't realize is, Verilog is fairly loose while VHDL is strongly typed. Using Verilog, you gotta have a good lint tool to do the design diagnosis upfront. This is almost an extra step in the design flow. With VHDL, most errors can be found during compling. There is little effort needed to do linting. Also, Verilog is a very poor language in terms of verification. You can't even use it for verification. Then you end up buying fancy tools to do the verification -- Specman, Vera etc.. Wouldn't that complicate the whole design flow? Now a designer has to deal with several languages and several tools to just get a piece of code done.

I guess the industry always goes in a direction that maximizes the pockets of the CEOs at the EDA companies. Considering the depressed job market in US, maybe we should all start promoting Verilog -- you gotta hire more people, hire more verification consultant to get the same job done. That may be a good thing for all of us in this industry.


in company verilog is the main
but in school we learned vhdl

but we don't write much vhdl in school

For Verilog is C-like, it is very flexible, So I choose Verilog.

i am using verilog

iam useing verilog now,because my parters all use verilog

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