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Using Atmega8 based USBASP to program PIC16F uC

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Jun 1, 2010
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I have USBASP AVR Programmer but dont have any PIC programmer.
I searched net for some usb based PIC programmers but they seem to be costlier as compared to USBASP.Basically they use PIC micro which has inbuilt USB hardware to communicate and program which makes them costly.
Now as I came to know,USBASP emulates USB in firmware inside its atmega 8 and then uses SPI to program supported AVR uC.
Is'nt same possible with PIC uC?
As in can't we make similar programmer using similar PIC uC like PIC16F628?
Or is there some way by modifying the code for usbasp(which is open source) for PIC uC and use atmega 8 uC to program PIC uC (LOL :p atmel programming PIC) as I have 2-3 atmega 8 spare with me?

:- I actually have only PIC16F628 with me :p as far as PIC uC's are concerned and it was lying in my electronics box since a long time as I had no programmer for it.I searched for simple programmers and got JDM based serial PIC programmer but since my laptop has no serial port and since USB-Serial Adapters don't work with JDM based programmers,I am in a great fix for finding a programmer.Also I am low on pocket money to buy a new PIC programmer..I have many passive components in my I wish to use them to make a simple and a elegant usb based programmmer :p

.so I wish to use them to make a simple and a elegant usb based programmmer :p


Have seen mention of a Pic USB programmer being used to program a Mega chip but not the other way around.

If there was sure we would had heard about it by now.

There is no magic simple USB programmer you can build just like that, the simplest and best option is a Pickit2 Lite as featured many times in this forum, just search.
However the problem is that it uses a pic18F2550 that must be programmed up first with Microchips free software, which most folk can do with a cheapo jdm or similar ' dirty' programmer but as you have no other ports can you ask around for someone to program it for you..

You can buy a cheap nokia usb data cable of some old model nokia phones(which doesnt have inbuilt USB support). In such data cables, there will be a small USB to serial converter in the data cable... I think u can use it for the purpose. Any way, some times u may need to use some voltage level convertors to make it equivalent to RS232.
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I think I know one programmer which is based on usbasp hardware with modified firmware for programming PIC
PC software is also made, there are two separate software one for 18F series and one for other.
but not open source. and charging too high, very few chip support.
PICKIT2 clone is better option.

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