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USB to Ethernet Adapter with signal amplification

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Feb 24, 2022
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Hello everyone,
this is my first post on this forum and i hope that i chose the correct forum for this question.

I am currently working on a pcb-solution to solve the following problem. I want to use an Intel Realsense-USB-Camera on top of a 6-axis-robot. The robot provides an internal ethernet-connection to operate PoE-Cameras with 24V. That means i have a PoE-Port at the Top (where the cam sits) and on the bottom of the robot.
I would like to use that internal connection to operate the Intel Camera.

My first attempt was to simply connect the data- and power-cables of the USB to a RJ45-Cable and hope that data and power "come out at the other end". unfortanately that failed. I can measure the 5V at the top, but my pc will not detect the connected cam. But windows alerts me about a defective usb-device.

My plan is to design a pcb that amplifies the signal and uses the PoE-Port to receive power from an external source at the bottom of the robot. (maybe 24V and regulate back to 5v at the camera-end)
I tried using signal-boosters from amazon etc. but they are to big and only USB2.0. For the camera to work properly i would need USB 3.0.

I´m using Fusion360 to design my pcbs, but i´m not much of an expert on which hardware to use.
Help is much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


Several unclear points.
You are trying to build an ethernet PoE or superspeed USB over RJ45 connection?
If it's superspeed USB, which lines did you connect?
What's the cable length?

i am trying to build a superspeed USB over RJ45-Connection.
First i just connected a USB 2.0 plug and hacked the wires of a Ethernetcable to a USB2.0-Port.
I just had a look at an USB ReDriver but this exceeds my knowledge.
Cable length is ca. 1m, but because auf the unshielded joints of the robot the result is bigger.

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