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Understanding of a battery charger IC flowchart and statuses

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May 10, 2020
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I have some questions about Table 4-1 on page 22 of the datasheet of this battery charger IC.

In the table,

  1. Does the Iout column mean the current through the OUT pins or the current through the Vbat pins? In other words, does the Iout current mean the current for the system load or the battery charging current? I saw some graphs in the datasheet where for certain graphs, Iout seems to imply the battery charge current whereas in some graphs, such as load transient response, I believe the current is indicating that it is the current through the OUT pins. Can someone clarify?
  2. The state column mentions that it is a battery powered system. Are the battery terminals connected to the IN and VBAT terminals? Is it OK and possible? How can the battery be the input and also be the output at the same time? Will the input provided by the battery also charge the battery? It doesn't make sense.
  3. I don't know how to understand the bias + Vref, thermal block and sync diode columns. Please let me know how to interpret them.


1) "I" stands for current."OUT" for the pin/signal.
(the abbreviation for the BAT signal should be I_BAT)

2) the state column shows: "IN" powered as well as "BAT" powered, referring to the "IN" pin and the "BAT" pin respectively.

3) did you read the documents the manufacturer provides on the device´s internet site? (like AN1260)
Basically the VRef, Thermal block, Charger, syncDiode .. are just shut down when not needed to save power.
This is what the table says ..


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