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Ultra wide band technologu

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Apr 2, 2002
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Hello buddies let us discuss some thing about UWB technology.
It will be having a great influence in coming years.
Some info is available in Intel web site


UWB sounds great. Nearly unlimited numbers of users. Robustness against reflection and fading. Adaptive data rate...

But there is one point. Think how long it takes to synchronize a pattern which is known at TX and RX with a length of e.g 2^20. How much energy are loost for syn. How accurate synchronisation must stay.

In the beginning of the 20. century the mechanics of coils and caps define the channnel in FDMA. With UWB atomic clocks have to be used to stay on the channnel!!

go to, all this issues have been already discussed

I have alot of New articles and some else about UWB.
You can access them

Good LUCK 8O

Other four interesting paper on UWB antennas.

UWB interferes with everything, it will never catch on.

Things are not as good as projected

This technology has its limitations. One main one is sensitivity to interference from high power users of the spectrum. The other is the timing requirements. This technology has been used for several decades in the military. Every military and commercial system I have seen that works uses highly directive antennas and operates in locations with very few ordinary transmitters.

hey goodboy_pl
please , give me the link , where i can access your paper ?

Hi alto64
Please upload your articles about UWB antenna.
TNX in advance


I think the term UWB can have different meanings. It can mean a short pulse radar operation for retriving target signature and getting the most of information about the target. In aquisition radars implementation it can determine the type of aircraft approaching or in ground penetrating radars it can be used to get the sole characteristics under the forests etc.

In recent years it has a lot to do with implementation in mobile technology and most recent in internet access. Those broadbands are quite different in meaning and can sound alike but the problems and differnt and not comparable at all.


I have alot of New articles and some else about UWB.
You can access them
goodboy_pl where can i get the articles u have mentioned u havent uploaded it anywhere

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