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[SOLVED] Ultiboard files to PDF format...please help

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Jun 13, 2011
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Hi all,
I have designed a PCB layout on NI Ultiboard
I want to convert my layout on Ultiboard PCB design software to PDF format.
My requirement is to get my layout onto a pdf file.
That is copper top layer on PDF(kind of like a print).
I hope you are able to understand what I am saying.

Layout to PDF converter
All dimensions intact.
One more question I wanted to ask was am I correct in saying that a 'via' is used to connect the bottom and top layer.
And suppose I have to put via at a pin hole how big should a via be?
Or are pin holes connected from top to bottom by default?

Google PrimoPDF, it is for free and you can print a PDF with it like anything you would do with paper printer. After installation, just while printing out docs select PrimoPDF.
I didn't get what do you mean by "pin holes".

thanks a lot :) i will try primopdf
pin holes is where a pin of an IC is...can I put a via there if I want to connect that point from top to bottom layer...
is it k now?

It seems your component is through hole. All you need to do is create a footprint which will comprise of a number of pin holes (PTH). While in PCB layout, just place the component footprint on the board space and you will see pin holes will automatically connect top to bottom layer. I hope this addresses your concerns.
Alright!!...that sounds good so pin holes are connected from top to bottom.
Correct me if I am wrong here:
All I have to do is make the footprint for a through hole component.
And the pin holes are connected from top to bottom.
So I can send my gerber files to a PCB manufacturer and when the PCB comes out made even then the pin holes are connected from top to bottom.
I mean even in the end product.

Sorry I am asking so many questions but I need to be sure of what I am doing if I am ordering something.

This is correct. You can verify top to bottom connection from your gerber itself. Best of luck!
Verifying from a gerber file, how do I do that?
The .gbr files that I have generated from ultiboard are inaccessible from my PC,
the computer shows them as not recognised files.
As in: no program can open that file.
By the way I made the connections on my board and ran a netlist, drc and connectivity check and they were without errors...and it verifies your solution. Thank you

The below link shows that there is a built-in gerber viewer in Ultiboard. Please go through the instructions to open it. You will be able to see all the layers whether conductive or non-conductive.
**broken link removed**
Thank you that solves my have been great help answering to my stupid doubts...

For gerber to pdf conversion you should use gerbmagic(available for free)...primopdf cant do it for the new version of gerber(274X)...
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