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UDP IP stack or TCP/IP stack: is this what I need?

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Wild Life

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May 4, 2011
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Hello evrybody, I'm new and I'm looking for a UDP IP stack (or also TCP/IP stack would be fine) for Spartan-6 FPGA, I can't use the one made by the Univeristy of Queensland because it needs external memory device and I can't do that.

I find this page: - 10BASE-T FPGA interface

Is this what I was looking for?

This is in verilog... could I convert it in VHDL language?

If it's not the thing I'm looking for, Is there anywhere an IP stack (UDP or TCP)
available? Freeware of course would be better but also a commercial one would be fine.

Thank you for your help!

What is you PHY going to be like? Also, since you don't care about UDP or TCP, you could also consider raw ethernet frames. Depends a bit on what the spartan-6 is going to connect to. If it for example a direct utp cable to a PC that you have full control over (i.e no routing/switching), then you could do raw ethernet. That would mean less effort for programming the spartan-6.

Other than that, if you have already taken care of the PHY then the fpga4fun link is a good one.

What do you mean with "PHY"? TCP/IP stack would be the best but also UDP would be fine because I can "extend" UDP function to be TCP/IP like.

So, overall, 10BASE-T FPGA interface is a good choice for an UDP IP stack?

Could I convert it to VHDL?

Let's put the PHY question another way ... What do you intend to put between your physical spartan-6 device and the physical network cable, such that the bits coming out of your spartan-6 are actually going to reach the other side of the network cable? See:

**broken link removed**) - 10BASE-T using MAC and PHY chips

Also, random tip du jour: if you can get away with UDP, use UDP. Easier to implement than TCP. Software on the pc to stitch packets together is FAR easier than making a more complicated stack in fpga.

"10BASE-T FPGA interface is a good choice for an UDP IP stack" ... uhm? In principe the choice of link has nothing to do with choice of stack.

What I get is that you're asking if the stuff as shown on fpga4fun is useful for your project. Wouldn't know, since I know nothing of your hardware other than "it's got an spartan-6 in there" and nothing of your network requirements other than "has to do udp".

But without further info ... personally I find that fpga4fun articles are generally useful.

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