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TV Transmitter Schematic for all

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Oct 24, 2007
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Dear Freinds,
Here i'm attaching Tv Transmitter in UHF channel for all of you,
please how can make pcb for it.

Kurdistan of Iraq

It looks like a very old analog TV transmitter.
But we don't use analog anymore, TV is digital now.

Is it still the old way in your country?

Ok Audioguru you are right but this for new amateurs.
if you have digital one you can share !

dibagay said:
this for new amateurs.!
Do you think new amateurs can build, and test this monster which requires a range of lab equipments for tunning and hard to find obselute components? Cheers

ok i foud this one!
but what is your participation for amateurs ?cheers

dibagay said:
Ok Audioguru you are right but this for new amateurs.
if you have digital one you can share !
Look at Modulator IC's in the market. They have video and audio inputs and they are programmable by I²C Bus. They are capable to modulate the audio carrier in stereo broadcasting..
Main carrier is provided by an PLL controlled VCO.. etc..

An old one TDA8822T.. but it's not anymore availabe but Im' sure it has an equivalent in other brands..
All you have to do is to amplify this modulated signal as you wish..

In fact dibagay initial post was about how to make a PCB of a relative simple TV transmitter schematic, using discrete components.

Anyway, with all the digital TV’s on the market, I think all of them still has analog inputs, and able to capture the analog transmissions.

Regarding the PCB, there are a lot of freeware PCB programs on the net as this one:

Ideally is to have access to a PCB house…

Dear vfone,
thanks for your comments, really i'd like to participate with easy and available companent schematic, as we know there are a lot of schematics on the net but unfortuntly we in Iraq cann't take benefit from it as the new companents not available !!!!!!!

So, in this case go ahead with your schematic, which doesn’t require very special components, excluding the power amplifier transistors which probably are little bit harder to get there. But for the first step can get rid out of them and use just the low power version (up to Q5).

For experiments don’t need even a PCB. Can use the so named “ugly construction”

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