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Trying to create a Digital Thermometer

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Dec 2, 2010
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I am trying to build a Digital Thermometer using a LM34 temperature sensor, PIC16F917, couple resistors, seven segment display and a couple transistors that act as switches for the seven segment display. I am using the program MPLAB IDE so i need a C code to make my thermometer work. I am just wondering if anyone has a C code to make a digital thermometer in my case where it will display the degrees on my seven segment display.

If the application of uC is not a constraint, you can use the 7106 or 7107 IC.
These A/D provides direct driving control do display with no need to program any code.
The only work required to you is connect the sensor to input ( oviously regarding proper voltage range scaling ).


I wish i could, but i have to use C Code for this project.

Is there a difference in the code for using PIC16F instead of a PIC18F as they use in these examples?

The top example use a PIC16F688. However, the difference between C code for 16F and 18F is mainly SFR and Config settings.

Use the top example as a template and build upon it with the other two.

ok, you don't by any chance have actual C Code for my problem do you?

You need to write code for the the following functions :
Read the analogue LM34 voltage (A2D)
Convert the reading to temperature
Convert the temperature value to BCD ( 2 digits)
Convert the BCD to 7 segment code
Refresh the 7 segment displays
Re do the loop
Your school require you to write the code to demonstrate that you have the necessary skills to past your course

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