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Transfer file using PIC by Bluetooth

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Jan 15, 2013
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Hi guys! great forum!

I was reading the forum to solve my doubts but I still having some questions...

I need to transfer a .TXT file using a PIC micro controller (PIC18) by Bluetooth. How can i make it? I have to chose a bluetooth module (like dwengo?) and if I have to code something which program I have to use?

I'm lost...

thank you very much!


You can simply and cheaply connect a pic to the usb port of a pc with one of these far east boards and matching usb dongle, under GB£10 for the pair, much cheaper than Dwengos price for what seems to be the same thing.
I got one the other week, worked first time.
**broken link removed****broken link removed**

You just use the direct Usart serial port pins of the pic.
( that is the not the same as the RS232 serial port connector which is high voltage )

Have you got a Dwengo starter board ?

What Complier are you going to use ? plenty of program code examples and tutorials for serial communications in this forum.
thank you very much wp100! I will check it!

I will use the PIC18, and the MPLAB as compiler. Do you think this module will work fine?

Thanks for your time!

Do you think this module will work fine?


They seems to work ok, as long as you do not expect it to communicate more than a few meters, they are only class 2 bluetooth, short range devices.

Bluetooth class 1 needed for greater range or Xbee for even further, they all work off the pics Serial /Usart comms.
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