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time step too small in ltspice

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Jul 7, 2010
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Is there something dodgy in the circuit. The time step of the circuit is of the order of 10e(-19). The prob there is with the diode. But what is it and what to do next?


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This happens even if the circuit has nothing wrong, electronically speaking.
If you attach in a zip the files that can run your circuit, there is a chance that someone (perhaps I) can help you overcome the convergence problem.


this is the .rar of the circuit.


  • literat2corrected1.rar
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I'm almost certain that if you tie one or both sides of of V1 to ground with high value resistors (like 10meg) then that will make LTspice happy.

I'm used to dealing with strange errors in ltspice and I come across this one a lot. Spice wants every node to have some DC path to ground, and sometimes diodes don't provide that well (when they're switching, anyways).

this is the .rar of the circuit.

I tried first to analyze the circuit if it is a working one.
Did you intentionally left the output of opamp U2 unconnected?

Important note:
I noticed you have used the automatic node names (like n002 and n014) in the formula of B1. This is risky because most of the circuit nodes will likely change their name (automatically) anytime the circuit is updated. It is better that we give the important nodes fixed names as we see it convenient, like In, Out, Fbk... etc. so that their names won't be changed when the circuit needs to be altered.

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...The time step of the circuit is of the order of 10e(-19)...

Seems to be excessivelly small.
Note that simulation float point values have a limited magnitude size.
At numerical analysis, its impact is at convergence of iteration steps.


The most common cause is insanely low node capacitances.
Elements which are bistable or singular also play hell. Try
looking at the diode in isolation if you are convinced it's the
problem and not the victim, especially for signs of an I-V
"blowup", junction capacitance approaching zero or worse
yet changing sign, etc.

Ehat this error mesage purports is that your last timestep
had some error, that no amount of downranging timestep
can pull in - because the error is already embedded to the

This being the case you might look at the final timepoint
for unreasonable voltages / currents, and figure out who
is pushing garbage.

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