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The capabilities of Atmel, PIC and FPGA microcontrollers

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Oct 2, 2007
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Hi, i understand that Atmel, PIC and FPGA are different type of microcontrollers. I am currenly doing my final year project. Still deciding on a topic. Most sample project available from the internet are using Atmel, i would like to know if either PIC or FPGA microcontroller could be used to perform the same task as the atmel controller? thanks!

microcontroller vs fpga

Atmel and Pic are microcontrollers! They have advantages and disadvantages , depend on the project you are going to use!
the main advantage is the price!

The FPGA is very expensive but more fast! it require to be loaded every time on power-on! so for a final year project , i recommand you to use Atmel or Pic Mcu as they are more user friend and more ppl/project are available to help you understand them

pic vs fpga

An FPGA is not a microcontroller, it is an FPGA! You could design a microcontroller to fit inside an FPGA but it would take more work than just programming a PIC or Atmel AVR.


fpga vs pic

If you have no experience with microcontrollers and the rest of your class is working with ATMEL, I would put the smart money on ATMEL. The same applies if using PIC.

Don't try to be different if you know nothing about being different.... :D

pic fpga

Atmel and PIC are microcontoller... whereas FPGA is totally different...
FPGA is basically used for emulation of digital design... the market leader on FPGA is xilinx and altera...

As far as final project is concern, i would suggest to go for controller rather than... FPGA...

fpga pic

I think I'd be petitioning the dean's office for a refund if I were in my "final year" and didn't know the difference between an FPGA and a PIC/AVR. :)

pic vs atmel

lol to John's post :)

I am in my senior and i have to say i know some people that does not know much of anything int he digital world... The only digital class required at my university is Digtal Logic and they use a CPLD.... But anyway :p

But i agree with others your misunderstanding on what an FPGA device is and does i would stick with MCUs. But at the same time you can always program CPUs in FPGAs and have ADC and DAC chips on the PCB board.

Good luck.

difference between microcontroller and fpga

new types of pic include RF transmitters , ADC add to that they are RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Commands).
they are easy to learn i recomend PIC

fpga vs avr

People asking general questions should google and then ask here especific ones.

In the final year and you can not recognize differences between a PIC and a FPGA?

Try a different job if you can recognize the difference between big macs and super whoppers. It's much easier, by the way.

difference between atmel and pic




fpga or pic

FPGA is for designing digital circuits and you can program even its pins tyour design...FPGAs are perfectly digital and FPGAs have not any analog pin.
but PIC and AVR microcontrollers are ICs with speciefic pins with many speciefic instructions that you can work by them. Many UCs such as PICs and AVRs have analog pins to do many analog processing.

fpga market vs microcontroller

Except Analog, what else FPGA cannot do as PIC and AVR? What's the max pin driving capability on FPGAs today? 25mA on PICs.

I knew some of the Color LCD driver is designed with FPGAs. So does some of the military communication system.

Re: Atmel vs PIC vs FPGA

Except Analog issues, some PIC and AVR microcontrollers have many provided modules such as timers, counters, PWM ,and...
but in FPGA domain you should design them yourself in gate level...

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