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Technical question about an tv led dc/dc inverter

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May 11, 2015
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I tried posting this before with no avail, I need help identifying a component and how to test it. If it's bad I also need help knowing where to buy a replacement. What is this components name? How do I test it? And how to order another? Also any other help with how to test and fix this inverter board is appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help.


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It looks like some sort of coupled inductor but I cannot quite read the part details.

They are vanishingly unlikely to be the problem (As in I have never seen a failure that was not mechanically obvious).
Looks like the circuit is some sort of polyphase bridge thing from what I can see.

Regards, Dan.

Thanks for ypur response. So if it is an inductor how would I test it? I used an digital ohm meter on three different settings. I tested it from every aspect, never has any of the test brought any resistance readings except were they are connected to the same spot, then I have a .1 ohm reading showing that it is indeed connected to the same spot. But on the oposing side of the inductor there are no readings....ohms cirtuit, diode/resistor setting nothing, uf reading no reading am I testing this wrong or are they bad? My dmm reads all the other capacitors and diodes etc accurately... Thanks for any advice..

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I responded by posting another thread, I'm still learning how to use this site. Please read my next thread thanks..
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