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Strange H-field results for stripline resonator.

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Jan 6, 2012
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Good day,

I have been simulating stripline probes using CST Microwave Studio for quite sometime now.
The results that I normally obtained are on the right side of the figure.
But recently, I recreated the whole thing to try out a few features (new to me) and I accidentally got a strange H-field results (the figure on the left).

It seems similar to the effects of wrong port size (where higher port modes occurs) but in both files, the port sizes are the same.

The materials are same and design are the same.
However, one of the file uses 2 magnetic field symmetry while the other uses only 1.
Is the my symmetry settings wrong or my problem still lies with the port mode?

Note: both photos are not scaled to the same size but the dimensions are the same.
Right: normal results
Left: strange results

These results shows only the horizontal component of the magnetic field.
The vector magnetic fields should form a circle around the resonant strip.
It should not have any horizontal component above and below the resonant strip but the left image clearly shows otherwise (hence strange results).

I would really appreciate if anyone can shed a light on this matter please.
Do correct me if I made a mistake anywhere.

Thank you in advance.
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