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STMicroelectronics STR9(ARM966E-S™)

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Jun 13, 2002
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maybe 2006. May or June release

ARM966E-S™ 16/32-Bit Flash MCU with Ethernet, USB, CAN, AC Motor Control, 4 Timers, ADC, RTC, DMA

This is preliminary information on a new product now in development or undergoing evaluation. Details are subject to change without notice.
Rev 0.1

■ 16/32-bit 96 MHz ARM9E based MCU
– ARM966E-S RISC core: Harvard architecture,
5-stage pipeline, Tightly-Coupled
Memories (SRAM and Flash)
– STR91xx implementation of core adds highspeed
burst Flash memory interface,
instruction prefetch queue, branch cache
– Up to 80 MIPS directly from Flash memory
– Single-cycle DSP instructions are supported
– Binary compatible with 16/32-bit ARM7 code
■ Dual Burst Flash Memories, 32-bits wide
– 256KB/512KB Main Flash, 32KB 2nd Flash
– Sequential Burst operation up to 75 MHz
– 100K min erase cycles, 20 yr min retention
■ SRAM, 32-bits wide
– 64K or 96K bytes, optional battery backup
■ 9 Programmable DMA channels
– One for Ethernet, eight programmable chnls
■ Clock, Reset, and Supply Management
– 4-25MHz external, internal PLL to 96 MHz
– Real-time clock provides calendar functions,
tamper detection, and wake-up functions
– Reset Supervisor monitors voltage supplies,
watchdog timer, wake-up unit, ext. reset
– Brown-out monitor for early warning interrupt
– Run, Idle, and Sleep Mode as low as 50 uA
■ Vectored Interrupt Controller (VIC)
– 32 IRQ vectors, 30 intr pins, any can be FIQ
– Branch cache minimizes interrupt latency
■ 8-channel, 10-bit A/D Converter (ADC)
– 0 to 3.6V range, 2 usec conversion time
■ 11 Communication Interfaces
– 10/100 Ethernet MAC with DMA and MII port
– USB 2.0 Full Speed (12 Mbps) slave device
– CAN interface (2.0B Active)
– 3 16550-style UARTs with IrDA protocol
– 2 Fast I2C™, 400 kHz
– 2 channels for SPI™, SSI™, or Microwire™
– 8/16-bit EMI bus on 128 pin packages
■ Up to 80 I/O pins (muxed with interfaces)
– 5V tolerant, 16 have high sink current (8mA)
– Bit-wise manipulation of pins within a port
■ 16-bit Standard Timers (TMR)
– 4 timers each with 2 input capture, 2 output
compare, PWM and pulse count modes
■ 3-Phase Induction Motor Controller (IMC)
– 3 pairs of PWM outputs, adjustable centers
– Emergency stop, dead-time gen, tach input
■ JTAG Interface with Boundary Scan
– ARM EmbeddedICE® RT for debugging
– In-System Programming (ISP) of Flash
■ Embedded Trace Module (ARM ETM9)
– Hi-speed instruction tracing, 9-pin interface

Any samples available?

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Just asking whether it is OK in this Forum to follow up advertising with renewed advertising and one more time with advertising and not even answer the one question that has been asked?

The company I am working for has products as well that relate to this forum and announcing a new device is I think a good thing but 3 times is a little over the top, isn't it?


I have just received some samples, not much to say yet but so far am very impressed with the ST arm devices. Previouslly using the STR710.


well, I have search the ST website but I can not find where to order samples. I think they do not deliver samples of STR9.

ST are running beta sites for the STR9, they should be generally available over the next few months.

I have attached the user manual that comes with the dev board if interested.


A patch has also been submitted to OpenOCD for STR9 support, so that will support it very soon.



STR91x is available @ Arrow (from15$..30$,depend on your chip). Check

Good Luck!

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