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Mar 1, 2022
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Why do we need a column decoder and mux in SRAM?

Hi, i am bit confused that once we select particular rom and column that why mux is required?


This is a bit of general question without context.

To understand your worries, could you please draw a sketch, or refer to an internet site?

And what's your idea? How could an alternative look like?


here you can see that there are writing both MUX and decoder . can you first explain it then i will ask further doubt

reference : GOOGLE


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you did not answer about your idea.
How can it work without decoder? Or, how can it work without MUX?
Which one do you think one can omit?

reference : GOOGLE
I get many million hits on GOOGLE. --> I don´t spend the time to look for your source.

Hi @parminder,

You're confused because you think that if you have a 1024-words SRAM containing 32 bits, then the memory cut is organized in 1024 rows by 32 columns

But that would mean creating very bad aspect ratio (longest length/shortest length) memory instances in your design. It would be hard to use such a memory where some memory words would take too much time to be read

So basically you can use a MUX4 ratio and build a 256 rows by 128 columns design, interleaving data of 4 32-bit words in a single 128 bit physical row. You then need a 4-2-1 MUX or column selector to decide if you want the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th word out from the 4 words compacted in the single physical row

Best regards,

@Clorindo this is what i as not able to understand even though read so many article.
you have given perfect answer :) . i am implementing it in cadence , still i have some queries. i will ask later

@Clorindo please help me with below problem,

in the attachment i have drawn SRAM bit cell and only 1 word 32 colunm, for which i have taken 5:32 decoder.

Now as you know that for row decoder , the output of row decoder is connected to the word line wire of 6T bit cell. But where will be the output of column decoder will goes (suppose i select 1st column of word1). Because the wires BL and BL are connected to the write driver . Can you please answer this. i am confused that where we have to connect the output to select particular column of word 1 (say).



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The column decoder "demultiplexes" half(-ish) of the(M+N) address field to
1 of 2^(M) columns, all of which will present their bit to (something).

That "something" is the row multiplexer, returning the one of 2^N bits that
the entire address asked for.

By way of precharge and sense amps which you didn't ask about.

@dick_freebird .My ques is where the output of Column decoder will goes to the particular selected column. so that the particular column is get activated (like to activate the row the word line is given to gate of pass transistors of bit cell

It's been a good while since I messed with SRAM guts but people
show me pictures. I expect the outboard S/D of your row pass FETs
go to column (call them C# and C#b) which are precharged ahead
of row apply, the cell now jacks the (should be nulled) C# and C#b
apart, sense amp senses and bing badda boom.

Or something like that. Maybe there's something new.

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