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Spice netlist to Circuit Schematic Translator/Converter

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Aug 3, 2005
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netlist to circuit

Hello All,

I there any software or a tool available that converts
Spice model/netlist in to Circuit Schematic (Translator)?


netlist translator ads

There are lots of programs that go the other way (schematic -> spice netlist). I have not seen any of the variety you are asking for. What you are asking for would be very nice since there are lots of spice models that are netlist-only. Have you checked the open-source EDA websites -- that might be worth a shot.

Best regards,

hspice translator

hi hr_rezaee,(HamidReza Rezaee?)
can you describe more about @DS? what is this?

and Manjunatha_hv, i didn't see any program that converts Spice model/netlist


schematic translator

There is only one tool known to me:

But to draw a circuit there should be a pattern match which identify a specific circuit topology. Then a specific drawing engine could produce a nice schematic. That works pretty good for logic gates (Verilog&Spice) and logic gate circuits (Spice). But analog circuits are ugly drawn.

The problem is that the engine should be contructed so that it search an existing schematic database and extract grafic construction rules which are used for automatic schematic generation.

Concept Engineering is market leader and the tool is integrated in all leading debugging tools of other vendors.

net list of circuits

ADS is a powerful simulator that it can convert spice netlist into schematic.
search in google for "ADS".

convert spice to schematic

Hello rfsystem,

Thanks a lot it looks good tool, but I wated to know if I give a Pspice netlist, it should generate lumped equivalent schematic...

And Hello hr_rezaee,
I don't know about Agilent ADS, can you tell us how it converts Spice netlist into Schematic?:?:
I searched in the google but it looks it could not find the same data...
Please provide me the details:!:


spice netzliste konvertieren

The tool also convert spice netlists into schematics. I think it could also take PSpice. Most tools are target the HSpice flavor of Spice. So a script could possible translate PSpice into HSpice flavor.

If you doing reengineering a hierachical netlist of small circuits 10-50 is more useful if it does not follow the gate style.

If you have flat netlist there are companies like chipworks which have ther own tool to generate reports for their customers.
spice to ads converter

first you must have ADS. then search in help, you can easily find it.

netlist to schematic

Hello Rezaee,

I don't think Agilent ADS such capability:?:


pspice netlist to schematic

it can convert but the output is not nice.

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