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some queries about signal generator

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Apr 18, 2011
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The following is the snap of a frequency generator or signal generator:

At the top it says 0.2 hz - 2 mhz . One mark on the dial marks 0 .05 (0.05 x 4= 0. 2). On the dial this has markings right side also (in clockwise direction). There are 8 markings (starting from 0) on right side of 0.2 , does this mean every marking stand for 0. 025? As someone has told me that the value on dial is multiplied with the set frequency to get required frequency. If frequency set is 1 khz and I have 0.5 on dial , then resulting frequency will be 500 hz . Correct? But as you see there are markings smaller than 0.2, so it is possible to get frequency smaller than 0.2hz (1 hz x (any value on the dial smaller than 0.2). That means frequency generator can produce frequencies lower than 0.2 hz , then why does it say at the top that it can produce frequencies from 0.2 hz -2 mhz? Please tell me .

What is function of "Pulse Out " and "VCF"?

What is function of "DC OFFSET " and "SYMMETRY"?

What is function of "20dB " and "INV"?

I am much grateful for your help. Thanks.

Here's a service manual of a similar generator. If you can read electronic circuits, it will answer most of your questions.

Here's a multi language user manual of a similar type
**broken link removed**

Both are different from your generator in so far, that they have an additional digital frequency counter. But they have most of the control elements and the same frequency range and basic functionality

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