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Simulator tool required

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Oct 11, 2010
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Dear Friends,

I am a electronics Circuit designer. I am going to design the SMPS for my circuit. I required to calculate the current of the circuit.

Is there any good tool suuggest me regarding the same.

Please reply me
I need it as soon as possible.

Thank You,

Vimal Patel:|

If you are asking for a circuit simulator you can try LTspice


Thanks For reply.

My friends I refer LTSpice. it is nice one. But it can help me only designing SMPS using Linear Technology products only.
I want to use all companies(TI, Analog devices, NI, etc etc) components.
Is every company having their individual power calculation tool is available????

or Is there any general tool available which can calculate my circuits power consumption.

Thank You,

Vimal Patel

I use LTspice... and it is for any circuit :) you may like to visit and join the Ltspice Yahoo group... mainly to get models and to discover new useful tricks (sometimes not well clarified in help) to use LTspice. Try to take advantage of the files section. There is a huge page that includes all important work of its members. I ususally search in it first the model I need... but if I fail, I can always ask for it in the group.


Power consumption is just the product V*I... The arithmetic functions for the traces cover almost all what an engineer may need in his analysis.
I use LTspice for about a year and I still feel I am a newbie (I mean I am still discovering new interesting features in it every time my circuits became more complex).
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What is the basic features available for LTspace . who require Ltspace

What is the basic features available for LTspace . who require Ltspace

I couldn't imagine that a versatile professional analog/digital simulator could be offered for free.

One draws his circuit using the models in the libraries but if not available, he can create his own model or ask the Yahoo group.
Then he adds the voltage and current sources, also defines their amplitude/waveform and the circuit becomes ready for simulation. Then during or after simulation one can select by a probe (actually by the mouse) the voltages and the currents he likes to be displayed (exactly as on an oscilloscope though much better since the traces can be made to display almost any function).

There are many kinds of simulation, the most powerful one is the transient one (in the time domain, like in a real test) .
One usually starts by a simple RC circuit and a voltage or current source... and see how the capacitor charges exponentially :) Later his circuit may become so complicated that he might forget how he designed it :D
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I also use LTSpice for most of my simulations. The disadvantage is that they only have models for Linear Tech integrated circuits. However, the question that you had was to calculate the current in your circuit and LTSpice is more than powerful enough to do that. The switcher will have very little effect on the current draw so you can select any switcher similar to the one that you plan on using and incorporate that in to your design. LT has went as far as adding test fixtures for most of their power products which means all of the setup circuitry is already given to you. Here is the getting started guide.

**broken link removed**

You can also use your own simulate your own SMPS. Here is a link which covers most of the topologies.

SMPS Switching Power Supply Topologies: Comparison and Selection



regarding LTspice, i too use it for simulations. Just one problem. Download tsmc025 or tsmc018 model form MOSIS and plot the V-I characteristics. It doesn't seem to support velocity saturation.

I might have done it wrong, so , please try it yourself too.

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