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simulation problem in cst 2010

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May 21, 2011
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Me and my partner are in our final year of degree, and we are doing a final project.
the project involves simulating a model which includes several hybrid couplers connected to a 3db power splitter (in general-it's a six port network).

We constructed the model in cst design studio and made s-parameters and z-parameters on various frequency ranges, along with swr simulations.
Now our instructor wants us to have an electomagnetic simulation before we take the model to further optimization and rpoduce it in smt machine.
my question is-must we construct each of the blocks (hybrid couplers,3db splitter,etc..) in the cst em studio and connect them seperately, or can we export the entire model to cst em-studio immedietly?
we tried to export the model to cst em-studio but got an error in the final stages of the simulation:
aplac version is older than 7.91.
when we tried (in the cst design-studio) to make a 2d model to a hybrid coupler in the 0.3-3ghz range we couldn't get it either because of the same error.

another question i have to ask:
in the cst em-studio,we found pre-made models (examples).
we have found a hybrid coupler, like the ones we use in our design. can we "copy and paste" this model to a 3db coupler in the em-studio (thus-saving a lot of time), or must we construct each and every coupler and somehow incoroprate them into a new em-simulation?

I can attach an image or a file of the device of anyone thinks he can succeed in transferring it as a whole to em-studio.
thank you very much
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