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Simple Remote Controlled Motor (2 functions) help

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Apr 27, 2011
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Hey guys. I have a set of speakers with a physical on/off switch and lately I've been thinking about installing some type of remote controlled motor over top of the switch. This way I can activate the motor and it will push the switch on or off depending on the input on the remote.

I've never designed anything like this before, and I'm wondering if this is more complicated than it would seem; ie if I'm over my head. I've taken an 'intro to electronic engineering' course so I have a basic knowledge of circuits and gates but that's about it.

Are there any websites that would help me learn about this type of thing, or does anyone have any suggestions as to where to start or things to consider? Any help would be appreciated.

That could be a weird idea.

You can go for a relay. (hope you have a basic understanding of Relays, if not please look on it)
Switch on the relay with your remote inputs which will in turn switch on the speakers. I hope you will not have an idea on how to go ahead with that.
you can come back here for further help.

I think it would be much easier to buy a remote control that has a relay in the receiver and connect it to the switch, the remote control will be also much smaller and compact compared to a circuit that you will make (ebay is full of these or you can ask a local store).
Even if you make it yourself a relay would probably be better than having a motor that presses the existing switch, also a relay can be installed internally but a motor has to be over the switch so it would be visible and also would need a difficult mechanical construction to be stable and working properly.


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