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Silvaco ATLAS Loop issue

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Jun 29, 2011
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Hi, I hope this is the correct place to post this. My searches on this forum yielded no answer to my question nor excactly where to put it.

I have a general problem concerning creating loops in ATLAS. It's at the point that using code directly from the user manual doesn't work:

go atlas


x.m l=0.0 s=0.01
x.m l=0.1 s=0.01

y.m l=0.0 s=0.01
y.m l=0.1 s=0.01

region num=1 silicon

electrode name=top top

electrode name=bottom bottom

doping num=1 conc=1e17 n.type uniform

solve init
solve previous

set a=0.1

loop steps=2

solve v1=$a
set a=@a*2



The lines "loop steps=2" and "l.end" give the error "This statement is not in the correct place in the input deck."

I run ATLAS version 5.16.3.R on Windows 7.

Hi Korla,
The version of ATLAS, which I use, have not the function of LOOP. But I think you can break up the loop and use two times sequentially executing program to replace it.

Oh, odd, is there some documentation detailing this? I found no such information, what version are you using?

do you mean breaking up the loop as in writing each line individually? This is not really an option since I need a much bigger loop than the one in the example and it needs to be easily customizable to different parameter analysis, but maybe I'll have to do it the tedious way..

I am sorry, I have not the related documentation. I am using Version 5.10.0.R without the function of loop.
yes, I mean that. maybe it's not a good idea.

I don't know this language but I am suspecting you have not terminated
the mesh definition section before beginning the analysis commands.

There's no formal termination of mesh definitions as such in Atlas.

Also, this issue arises in a script taken directly from the user manual, it would seem that either the example is faulty (unlikely since it follows the other material given on loops) or that the loop functionality is blocked in some releases of the program. I haven't found any hints to the latter though, which confuses me.

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