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short channel effect of mos

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Aug 15, 2007
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i wants to notes on short channel efftect and its solution ?

the short channel effect of mosfet is that the device stays in saturation region much before and longer than it is expected to....
Short channel is the one in which the drain to substrate depletion increases bcoz of more reverse bias so wt happens is ur channel length becomes shorter..
which is given by Ids=beta(Vgs-Vt)62/2( 1+lamdaVds)
where lamda is the channel length modulation

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Short channel effects

Gate induced drain leakage
Drain induced barrier lowering
Hot electron effect

What are varios techniques to stop oxide leakage in MOSFETS?

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Is it appropriate to change the dielectric in order to stop oxide leakage in MOSFETs?

Plz see this link for more info

Yes ur absolutely right by changing the dielectric we can reduce the leakage

short channel effects are the effect on vt threshold voltage as we decrease the channel length of the mosfet.

there are verious effect like dibl, velocity saturation , channel length modulation , gibl etc

you read neamen for that

When the difference between gate to source voltage(Vgs) and the threshold voltage(Vt), is lesser than the drain to source voltage(Vds),(Vds > (Vgs - Vt))then the conducting channel length starts reducing and henceforth various disadvantages related to teh performance of the mosfet as our friends indicated above..

Hope it gave some general idea about it


To learn more about Short Channel effects , u can refer this book
" The MOS Transistor" , by Yannis Tsividis

to get better understanding abt short channel we need to know long channel also the book by taur and ning covers the long channel and short channel its good book covering latest concerns in short channel also plz through it

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