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Shifting in the data via JTAG connector on Altera UP2 board

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Jun 19, 2006
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Dear Sirs,
I need to make an device to program Flex10k device on UP2 Board via JTAG connector. The device needs to be independent of the PC.

My idea is to use PIC and SD card to store the data generated in Quartus II software.

Problem is that I haven't found a way to have a clean hex file to be shifted in the FPGA device via JTAG, only through Passive Serial mode. Unfortunately, DCLK and D0 pins are unavailable on UP2 board. Only way to program the Flex10k device is via JTAG.

How can I create a file with JTAG commands and data to be simply shifted in the Flex10k device? No checking, just program.

Shifting in the data via JTAG connector on @ltera UP2 board

While I do not know how to do this on Altera, I have done it on Xilinx. For some pointers, see:

This is the Xilinx app note that talks about describes the microcontroller and the code. Perhaps you can adapt it.

---- Steve

Shifting in the data via JTAG connector on @ltera UP2 board

Unfortunately, that documet is only for Xilinx as the process include using Xilinx - specific file as an input.

Does someone have a link to a JTAG tutorial or something?

Shifting in the data via JTAG connector on @ltera UP2 board

I don't know Al.tera's JTAG details, but maybe this app note will help you. It describes preparing a "Jam" file that can by played by an embedded microcontroller to configure the device via JTAG. It refers to several other app notes.

"Application Note 122: Using Jam STAPL for ISP & ICR via an Embedded Processor"
**broken link removed**

For JTAG details, see IEEE Std 1149.1-2001:

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