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Shift (move) DC Voltage

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Dec 8, 2009
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Hello I'd like to ask if they know about any circuit with which I pushed the DC Voltage of input signal. I have operational amplifier which is powered + -6 V and he told me amplifies input signals from DC to 30 MHz. Unfortunately, I occasionally will reveal the input DC Voltage and operational amplifier that I wake up. So I needed before this circuit, which Mark would slip me this dc component moving. Coupling capacitors to vztup want because I need to give 99% and amplifying the DC signal.

The first engagement, I thought of Mark I have been involved as zasilovac noninverting and inverting input, I introduced through the resistor (R3) the reference voltage and hereby move the DC output folder. The problem is that by shifting the DC component of only about + - 0.4 V. Therefore, I ask if they know of circuit where I pushed the DC components of + - 2.5 V? Top using discrete components. It circuit what I have said my ideas were similar thoughts and engage only the front entrance area Differential But Mark does not know how to by Council.

I nead Shift (move) DC +- 2,5 V

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What are the values of the resistors?

Is the IN+ of the opamp floating? I think it is connected to some potential (voltage) but not shown on the pic.

If IN+ is connected to ground and you want to let the ouput vary +/- 2.5 for -/+ 6V at the input... then...
R2 = 75 KΩ
R3 = 180 KΩ
R4 = 10 KΩ
R1 = (as you like, say 120 KΩ)

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