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Setting up user account for Cadence Virtuoso


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Nov 3, 2017
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Dear EDA/Cad experts:

Can you help me with a resource (e.g., document, tutorial, example or video) on how to setup user accounts and environment for Cadence virtuoso under Linux OS? I have already installed Cadence virtuoso so this is not about tool installation.

I have been on the user side for long time and remember calling scripts that would create a directory, run a shell and provide links to the Cadence installation. The script would allow users to setup their environment. They could call it multiple time with different names and setup multiple environments configured for different version of the tools but all under the same user Linux account.

Now I am on the CAD/EDA side and need to know how to setup and manage user environments as well as allowing them to access different versions, add or remove tools and modules, etc.

Any help or thought on some resources to explain the process is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


P.S. I had posted this under a different forum (software oriented) but that forum appears dead, hence I reposted here!
When I receive PDKs there's always the foundry's idea
of proper setup somewhere in the README pile. This
should include aliases to add in the startup sequence
(often .cshrc / .bashrc) and the searchpath setup such
that one-word commands (+ args) should set your
project and process pointers, and start the GUI.

Might just try searching in the Cadence and foundry PDK
directories for any mention of '$PATH' - that will narrow
things down a lot, then look around those folders for the
instructions. Which do vary foundry by foundry.

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