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Send a sms using microcontroller but without cellphone.

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Nov 7, 2009
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Tx ,United States
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I am trying to send an sms based on the input to my microprocessor.
How to send a text message from a microprocessor without interfacing it to a cell phone. I can have an antenna in my circuit.
I need something cheap .

SMS are normally related with cell phone, do you want to sent SMS to another cell phone but with using cell phone from your side?

which type of microcontroller you are using, like 8951, pic, avr, arm etc?

you can send sms via internet also, connect your system to free sms sites and sent sms.

or you can use GSM module which connect with your controller and sent sms via it. vehicle tracking normally use such technology.

choice is yours


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Hi Hanif
Thanks for the quick reply.
My project doesnt allow me to use cellphone.
I am using a gsm Modem instead.
After posting this I got some tutorials to send a reply using a GSM modem.

I am still in the initial phase tryin to figure my specifications. Now that I know I can use a GSM modem I need a low power MuC .

If I have any questions after I start I will be posting again ...Thanks

Hi ...

If Power is a constraint.. you could choose ARM Microcontroller for your purpose... you can interface with GSM Modem and send SMS through AT commands...



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I know good page about **broken link removed** and other devices which work using gsm network. You can find there many products with documentation and examples of applications.


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GSM modem in scale 22 x 22 mm up to 44 x 44 mm:

Connect to SMSC:

If your uC offers Ethernet or WIFI, then you have further options:

@kedar, am working on a similar area for my project which is in the biomedical field. i need to know how to interface a sim card wit d µC kit to send an sms to a prescribed number.pls do help. am using a ECG recorder to record the data of the patient and i need to send the data from time to time and i chose gsm as it is cheap and very efficient. pls do help!!!!

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