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Secure installation of FLEXlm + lmgrd download

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May 17, 2001
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lmgrd download


Note1: I have accepted this doc from the following URL:
Note2: The mentioned URL contains lmgrd for download too.
Note3: In Linux you must do it yourself.

1. h**p://

* -> t

IMPORTANT: These steps should be carried out on every machine, and
then MUST be carried out on every subsequent installation
of software that uses the FLEXlm license manager.

1. Create a "flexlm" user

Check to see if a username called "flexlm" already exists on the
system, this is the username the daemon will be run as in future to
reduce the chance of super-user compromises.

prompt% grep "^flexlm" /etc/passwd
prompt% ypmatch flexlm passwd

On Solaris machines running NIS+, you may also need to do the
prompt% nismatch flexlm passwd.org_dir

If no flexlm user exists, create one. One exists in the central
database, and should be on all IDCE clusters. For other clusters,
the UID used is 9904.

2. Modify the startup of the daemon(s)

Two changes need to be made to the startup of the daemon; one to
use the username just allocated and another to set the umask to a
sane value. There may be more than one instance of lmgrd running
on a machine, so be sure to modify them all.

Find the line that starts the daemon (this may be in /etc/rc.local,
or a script in /etc/rc[23].d/S??lmgrd -- again note there may be
more than one).

Change the line which will look something like this:

/usr/local/flexlm/bin/lmgrd >/tmp/lmgrd.out 2>&1

to the following stanza:

umask 022
su flexlm -c "/usr/local/flexlm/bin/lmgrd >/tmp/lmgrd.out 2>&1"

Also include any flags the daemon is started with (it may be
started with "-c $LM_LICENSE_FILE" or some such).

3. Replace all instances of the lmgrd daemon with an updated version

Find ALL copies of lmgrd on the system (in some instance it may
also exist with an extension, e.g. lmgrd.ste).

Retrieve the appropriate replacement version of the daemon, a local
copy is in the directory /pub/patches/lmgrd.
The filenames are as follows:

Digital UNIX (DEC OSF/1) : decosf.lmgrd
DEC Ultrix : decultrix.lmgrd
AIX 3.x : aix3.lmgrd
Irix 4.x : irix4.lmgrd
Irix 5.x : irix5.lmgrd
Irix 6.x (64 bit) : irix6.lmgrd
SunOS 4.1.x : sunos4.lmgrd
SunOS 5.x (Solaris 2.x) : sunos4.lmgrd

4. Restart all license managers

If it is convenient, you may wish to reboot the machine to check
the changes to the startup scripts, otherwise use the "lmdown"
command to shut down all the copies of lmgrd, and restart them as
in the modified startup scripts (remember to restart them as the
flexlm user).


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